Monday, January 13, 2020

From Glades Property Appraiser's Office - Exemptions

(Office Staff: Anita Woods, Trish Coleman, Marina Langdale, Lorie Ward, Ragen Mathis, Darcie McRoy, Josie Boix)

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades county property appraiser Lorie Ward says her department eases the burden on property owners automatically by renewing property tax exemptions. This automatic renewal helps to ensure that you do not lose your exemption simply because you failed to renew.

If you had a property tax exemption or agricultural land classification in 2019, you will receive at least one of the four renewal cards listed below:
The WHITE card is for Homestead Exemption and other exemptions like widow, widower, disability, veteran, and senior citizen.
The GREEN card is for Agricultural Land Classification.
The YELLOW card is for property that is being used for tax exempt purposes.
The BLUE card is for Tangible Personal Property valued no more than $25,000.
As long as the Tangible Personal Property remains at $25,000 or less, you are not required to file a 
Tangible Personal Property Return, form (DR405).
If your value exceeds $25,000, you will receive a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return that must be completed and returned. The form is also downloadable from the website at

If you are still eligible for these exemptions do not return the card

Exemptions and Agricultural Land Classifications are not Transferrable

NEW property owners must submit NEW applications by March 1, 2020.

Tangible Personal Property deadline is April 1st

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