Friday, January 24, 2020

Health And Wellness - New Podcast Episode This Week

Health And Wellness Podcast
LABELLE, FL. -- The latest episode of the Mood Gym podcast uploaded this week "The Secret Meditation Guide For Everyone."

In the growing world of podcasts, audio programs that can be downloaded or played on phone, tablet, computer and smart speakers and listened to anytime, the editor of Southwest Florida Online started a podcast in 2019 titled Mood Gym, featuring health and wellness topics with practical ideas discovered and practiced over many decades.

The podcasts relate his flying years, living life fully, and how to combine personal values with awareness.

All episodes are free and from 10 to 15 minutes in length. Podcasting apps allow free subscribing, rewind, fast forward, and pausing for the listener's convenience, or podcasts may be played directly without an app (see links and listings below.)

Hoping to be useful and convenient to as many listeners as possible, the Mood Gym with Don Browne podcast is available free on all the popular podcast apps or listened to directly at any of these links:

Apple Podcasts - Easiest to use on phone and computer, speed control

Breaker - Very easy to use, search box makes finding other podcasts easy

PlayerFM - Easy to use, speed and volume controls

RadioPublic - Easy to use, speed control, tips for podcasters

Google Podcasts - Speed control on computer only

Spotify - Most flexible on computer, app required on phone, speed control on phone, can transfer audio to other devices like smart speakers, smart tv

Castbox - Easy to use. Speed and volume control, search box

Anchor - Easy to use. Provides free services for podcasters

Stitcher - Easy to use.

PocketCast app - Easy to use, speed and volume controls, sleep timer, requires PocketCast phone app

OverCast - Requires Overcast app or click it's Apple Podcast button

Subscribe On Android - One-click to use for any Android device

RSS Feed (add to your favorite podcasting app)

Using Google Home speaker or Google Assistant: Say "Hey Google, play Mood Gym with Don Browne podcast"

Episode Titles:
Mood Gym Introduction

Responding To The Unexpected

Holiday Anxiety And Fear

Depression, Anxiety, Values & Goals

Staying Sane During Holidays

Having 2020 Vision, Who Are You, What Do You Want?

Visioning, Blockchain, Habits, Acceptance & Commitment

Accepting The Present, Commitment To Values & Change

Flying Through Life Without Distraction & Worry

Awareness & Meditation Guide For You

Mindful Awareness After Take-OFF

Don Browne is the editor/publisher of Southwest Florida Online, a YouTube creator, former radio broadcaster in LaBelle and Clewiston, and webcasting personality, and a certified trainer for 'Moving For Better Balance.'

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