Friday, October 24, 2008

Sex Favors - A Click Away On Craigslist

Many Look For Sex Now On Internet Craig's List

LABELLE, FL. -- Prostitution and other illegal sex activities are an open secret to those in the know, using the popular online classified ads.  A quick search of the Ft. Myers area under "erotic personal", "casual encounters", and personal services shows nearly 100 ads for all types of sexual encounters.

And these ads are pretty graphic, showing just what's offered or sought by those interested. Although Craig's List says they don't want advertising of illegal activities, this is proof they don't monitor their ads. Looks like there is no real control to prevent or edit these ads from anyone at Craig's List.

In St. Lucie county, in the Stuart, Florida area of east coast Florida, deputies have arrested 35 people this week in connection with a prostitution ring that use Craig's List to set up illegal "dates."

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's office completed a three day investigation that resulted in charges of soliciting, deriving income from prostitution, and procuring prostitutes after deputies posed as customers, using the online service to arrange for prostitutes.


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