Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Signs Of Inspiration At Edison College

Students Take Art Appreciation "Outside"

LABELLE, FL. -- Drive by Edison State College Center in Labelle and you'll see "Signs of Inspiration" decorating the front entrance.

Professor Nevin Reiss' Thursday night Art Appreciation goes through brief art history lessons, but Professor Reiss also believes, "You don't just talk about art, but you do it!"

Her hands-on approach takes the students from simple crayon and felt-tip marker name placards to color mixing exercises to imitating the grand illuminations created by monks in the Middle Ages to designing and executing personal monograms to this final end of applying all the lessons to a graphic design project.

"Using acrylic house paints and plastic corrugated boards, the students chose inspiring words, designed their signs, painted them and then had good fun planting them," said Professor Reiss. Edison State College Center is at the LaBelle High School building.

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