Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flying At LaBelle's Airport

What Are The Fastest Vehicles In LaBelle?

LABELLE, FL. -- On a sunny afternoon, LaBelle sees more than the usual amount of small aircraft flying over head. At the intersection of Cowboy Way and State Road 29 one can see aircraft overhead landing or taking off at speeds of 90 mph or more, making LaBelle's aircraft the "fastest things in LaBelle."

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The LaBelle Municipal Airport is home to dozens of aircraft of all sizes, used for both business and personal service.

In small town LaBelle, many might be surprised to know that the fastest transportation available is travel by general aviation. Small aircraft can easily travel from point to point at least twice at fast as automobiles, making general aircraft a faster way to travel several hundred miles or more in a few hours.

Even though aircraft fuel costs at least a dollar a gallon more than auto fuel, aircraft travel at 120 mph or higher, allowing pilots and passengers to get to the destination quickly.

Vernon Conly Air Service operates an aircraft repair and maintenance facility on the west side of the airport, keeping aircraft serviced and inspected according to FAA regulations.

Across the field, Tom Vaughn, Jr. is the airport manager, making sure the LaBelle general aviation airport operates efficiently, giving a hand to local and visiting pilots and their passengers when needed.

Flight lessons have been given at the airport for many years by LaBelle resident Charles Kirkpatrick, leading many students to gain an FAA pilot's license.

-Video by Don Browne

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