Thursday, June 10, 2004

Glades Commissioner Simmons Arrested

67- year old Frankin Simmons, a long time Glades County Commissioner has
been arrested on three felony charges of worker's compensation fraud, and
three felony charges under Florida's unemployment law and a misdemeanor
count of construction fraud. State investigators say Simmons employed three
workers to construct a Glades County home but did not have a contractor's
license. As part of a ten-month joint agency investigation involving
unlicensed and uninsured contractors operating in Glades County, Fla., a
warrant was issued for Simmons arrest. Simmons turned himself in to FDLE
special agents at approximately 11:30 this morning at the Glades County
Sheriff's Office. Agents say that Simmons, who is a Glades County
Commissioner, has been operating as a contractor in Glades County without a
state issued contractor's license. Simmons was operating a construction
business he called Simmons Construction.

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I would like to find out how they finally managed to get somebody to agree to investigate the "good old boy" system in Glades County??? I can only pray that when they are done in Glades County perhaps they will look over at Hendry and realize that all "Good Old Boys" are usually right around the corner doing the same thing and start a grand jury investigation into all the corruption in Hendry County. Perhaps if we can ever cleanup the corruption in Hendry County, it will become a great place to live and real businesses will come in and create jobs and give our kids a reason to stay home. We also need to clean the Drugs out of Hendry County as that is the Main occupation and career of so many.