Monday, June 21, 2004

Hendry County Jobless Rate Double State Rate

LABELLE, FL. -- Unemployment figures released Friday by the Agency for
Workforce Innovation show Hendry County currently has the state's highest
jobless rate, 9.9 percent, followed by Glades County at 7.9 percent.
Lafayette County, in north Florida, continued for the fourth consecutive
month to hold the state's lowest jobless level, at 1.5 percent. Florida's
jobless rate dropped slightly in May from the month before to 4.5 percent,
just below the national rate. The rate was down considerably from the 5.3
percent mark in May 2003.

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  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    The jobless rate in Hendry County is not surprising. The majority of people who live in Hendry County are either retired or Farmers.
    The people who move to Hendry County know this and that is why they move here. They like the small town life style. We need to stop trying to bring business to our county and just accept the fact that this is the way we like it. If you need to work then you need to live somewhere else.
    What we need is less government employees telling us what we need. Less government employess means less taxes. Which means more money in our pockets so that we can chose to live a peaceful life style in Hendry County.