Saturday, June 05, 2004

Home Invasions in Immokalee/LaBelle

The Hendry County Sheriffs office has been investigating a rash of home
invasion robberies occurring in the Immokalee and LaBelle areas.

Investigation reveals it appears that the robbers target migrant workers.
The crimes are typically committed on weekends. Victims report that the
robbers knock on the front door, upon answering the door, the subject will
ask for someone in Spanish, then will push the victim back into the
residence and force their way into the home. The subjects then make their
way through the residence and gather any other occupants, assembling them
in one common location. The robbers then take money from the victims and
other personal belongings threatening them with unknown type handguns. In
several instances, the victims have been beaten and some hospitalized for
their injuries.

Joint investigations between Hendry County Investigators and Collier County
Investigators have revealed that those wanted are identified as 26 year
old, Alfredo Sonny Gomez, 24 year old Javier Martinez, 21 year old Ruben
Garza, 19 year old Jose Rojas VillaGomez, 23 year old Jaime Navarette, 17
year old Ismael Navarette, 20 year old Jose Navarette.

Law enforcement officials warn that the suspects should be considered armed
and dangerous. If they are seen it is advised that they not be approached
and that local law enforcement be notified immediately.

On May 14, 2004, the subjects were featured on Fugitive Friday on NBC-20,
as a result Ruben Garza turned himself into sheriff authorities that

This crime was also featured on Crimestoppers airing on five separate
networks and as a result law enforcement authorities have received several
tips from viewers which have resulted in three additional arrests, the most
recent in North Carolina.
Investigators are still looking for:

19 year old Jose Rojas Villagomez, 17 year old Ismael Navarette, and 20
year old Jose Navarette.

If anyone has any information that could help deputies find these
individuals please contact either Hendry County Sheriffs Office at 674-4060
or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477).

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