Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Glades County Landfill On Agenda

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades County Commission Vice Chairman K. S. "Butch"
Jones chaired the Special Landfill Negotiation meeting with Chairman Bob
Giesler on line for a teleconference call. Jones read the memo from WCG's
representative Stan Keely presenting the evaluation of Glades County's
Ortona landfill at $9.5 million to $12.2 million based on estimated
remaining airspace utilized as a regional landfill for Class I household
waste being filled to capacity within 4 years.
The appraisal was prepared at the request of the Commission when Waste
Management responded to the County's counter-proposal for landfill
services which included WM purchasing the Ortona landfill for $10 million.
Waste Management's negotiating team leader David Green reflected
that WCG's evaluation was based on a higher volume and compaction
density than WM's engineers had determined was available or likely, and
also was based on taking in Class 1 waste stream at a $30-$35 rate per ton
much higher than is
currently the norm, and, though WCG's Mr. Keely acknowledged the
landfill's current deed restriction of prohibiting any out-of-county waste,
he did not take that in any accounting when in fact that restriction does
exist and the cost of the removing it is an unknown. He countered with the
offer of taking 180 days, working with the County and Lykes Bros to lift
the restriction, at the same time determining the actual waste stream
market, with guaranteeing the host fee to be no less than $3 per ton, which
would be approximately 20% of the revenue.
(More on the Landfill this weekend on the Sunday Morning News...Ed)

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