Friday, September 24, 2004

Animal Owners Requested To Prepare

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner
Charles H. Bronson is urging people who may be impacted by Hurricane Jeanne
or any emergency to make plans for their animals well before the storm
prepares to make landfall.

Bronson's Division of Animal Industry website provides extensive information for owners
of large and small animals who may be in harm's way. The website has
information on disaster preparedness for animals, emergency animal
sheltering, emergency housing for horses, a list of hotels that accept pets
and a link to websites that list pet-friendly motels.

The Division of Animal Industry, in conjunction with a host of public and
private partners, assists in animal rescue and evacuation, coordinates
direct veterinary care, provides emergency feed and water to livestock and
small animal shelters, and coordinates receipt and distribution of small
and large animal feed, animal crates, fencing, and animal health supplies
in areas impacted by hurricanes and other disasters.

"It is better for everyone if animal owners know where they can take their
pets before they need to evacuate," Bronson said. "We have many animals
still separated from their owners as a result of the previous storms and we
need to take steps to prevent this from happening."

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