Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Storm Damage Question - Glades Boatyard

My name is Colleen Martin and the love of my life, a 34' sailboat is on the
hard at Glades boatyard. I am living in Nova Scotia and am desperate for
information on how my friend in faring. I do realize that this may sound
frivolous in light of the suffering in Florida but after checking on my 90
year old grandmother in Boynton Beach this is my biggest concern. I was
hoping that you may have some idea of how hard the area has been hit?! I
visit your web page often and feel as though I am asking a friend! Any
information you could shed would be much appreciated. Thank you very much
for your time.


  1. Peggy Lee-Barkhouse, NS9:23 AM

    We are in the same situation and although we have tried to reach contacts in the area we have not been successful. If there is any news on the Glades Boat Yard we would love to hear it. Our hearts go out to all the folks of Florida.

  2. 2017 Hurricane Irma did little property damage and I would guess not much at the boat yard. There have been no personal injuries that I know about in this Sunday's storms.