Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Okeechobee Man Charged In Unfair Pricing

The Florida State Attorneys Office has charged with overpricing generators
to strom victims, John Charles Mikell, 47, and his
22-year-old son John Tate Mikell. They traveled to the Santa Rosa County
town of
Milton and sold Contractor brand generators from a pickup truck and horse
trailer parked on a roadside. The men sold 22 generators for $650 each,
more than double their retail price. The Mikells obtained the generators on
consignment from a friend, Frank DeCarlo, 46, who was to receive a share of
the proceeds from each generator sold. J.C. Mikell lives in Williston in
Levy County, J.T. Mikell lives in Archer in Alachua County, and DeCarlo
lives in Okeechobee in Okeechobee County.

Investigators for the Attorney General's Office observed the Mikells
on September 20 as they sold generators at the intersection of State Road
90 and Mary Street in Milton. A large sign indicated a selling price of
$650. Investigators determined that the manufacturer's suggested retail
price for that model generator is $299.99, meaning the price offered for
the generators was more than double the retail price


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