Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And The Winners Are...

Hendry Primary Election Results In

LABELLE, FL. -- With 32 percent of the registered voters casting votes today, the preliminary results have been tabulated by the Hendry County Supervisor of Elections office. The unofficial counts show 5,233 votes were cast from 23 precincts.

Tom Rooney won the Congressional District 16 seat with 54 percent of the votes and will run against Democratic incumbent Tim Mahoney in November.  For Public Defender in the 20th Circuit Court Kathy Smith was the winner with 57 percent. Incumbent Alcee Hastings received 84 percent of the votes for the Congressional District 23 seat.

In the Sheriff's race Ronnie Lee received 49 percent of the Republican votes, thus matching him off for the November election against Democrat Steve Whidden receiving 53 percent of the Democratic votes.

County Commission District 3 went to Tris Chapman with 61 percent. District 5 was won by Karson Turner with 59 percent, upsetting long-time incumbent Bo Pelham. District 1 was taken by incumbent Janet Taylor with 55 percent.

Superintendent of Schools was won by former long-time board member Richard Murphy with 55 percent. School Board District 1 was won by Ray Clinard with 62 percent. The school board referendum for transferring monies passed with 76 percent.

Property Appraiser was won by LaBelle's recreation director Phillip Pelletier, with 38 percent of the vote, and will go against incumbent Kristina Kulpa in November.

The primary winner with the least number of votes: Tris Chapman, 310

The primary winner with the most number of votes: Rick Murphy, 1667

Recent Sunday Morning News polls showed dramatically different results with up to four times as many "online votes" as in the primary election results. In many races, the online poll probably demonstrates that the most popular candidates may not have been elected this primary election and that candidates might well give consideration to making contact with "internet" users and persuade those people to make sure to register and vote during the November elections.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Folks, don't panic many of the votes for Ronnie were really just "votes against republican hornsby" until the general election when you can cross party lines.
    Hornsby was allegedly a major political/security threat since many of his supporters were well known alleged thugs and intimidators from montura. I drove around the polling place before noontime and spotted the laundry list of "fine citizens" sporting the green and yellow signs. My apologies to the good supporters that helped him.
    -You can't play tag with real pigs, wallow in a pig sty, and still come out smelling like a rose,

  2. Anonymous12:06 AM

    online votes -

    Someone can vote as many times as they wanted because of the software that you are using would let the them.

  3. The software does not allow any one computer to vote more than once. However, there are apparently some candidates or "friends" of candidates who found a way to cheat by manipulating their computer cookies to allow multiple votes for one candidate. This would involve quite a bit of work to do this and we wonder how these folks have so much time on their hands.

  4. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hey your right. I stand corrected.
    Thats my bad!