Friday, August 08, 2008

Primary Election Winners?

The Front Runners - From The Sunday Morning News Reader Polls

LABELLE, FL. -- According to the reader polls run each week in the Sunday Morning News/Southwest Florida Online,  there appears to be front running candidates who may well be the winners in the August 26 primary elections if voters at the polls vote the same as our readers.

The Sunday Morning News local political polls have been running continuously since February with over 4,700 votes tabulated so far. The most popular vote "getters" are the Democratic and Republican candidates for County Sheriff, for whom most readers felt compelled to place an online vote.

Here's the results for the political poll winners:

Glades School Superintendent - John Huysman
Glades Sheriff - Stuart Whiddon
Hendry School Superintendent - Scott Cooper
Hendry Sheriff - Fred Dyess, Jr. (Dem.)
Hendry Sheriff - Kevin Nelson (Rep.)
Most Respected Glades Politician - Stuart Whiddon
Least Effective Hendry School Board Member - Richard A. Murphy
Least Competent Hendry Commissioner - W. T. "Bill" Maddox  All Sunday Morning News Polls


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  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Yea, I meant to vote for Hendry's Steve Whiddon and voted for the Glades guy with a similar name. How many others did the same by mistake?