Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kevin Nelson - Letter To Voters

Dear Hendry County Voters:

My name is Kevin Nelson and I am campaigning for Hendry County Sheriff. I hope you recall that I campaigned four years ago. My message hasn't changed, but the issues are more serious now.

Please don't be fooled by the negative newspaper ads and radio commercials where some candidates attempt to downplay my qualifications by inflating theirs to hide their deficiencies. I left the Collier County Sheriff's Office in 2004 with the rank of Captain after 24 years of which 19 were Administration and Budgeting (multimillion dollar budgets), 16 at the command level and 15 with countywide responsibilities. My degree is in Criminal Justice Technology and I am a Florida Attorney General's Office certified Crime Prevention Specialist.

Hendry County's Crime Rate was up 16% in 2007 and Burglaries alone were up 33%. This is taken from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the newspapers refuse to report it. Surrounding county's crime rates are decreasing. That's because we don't have enough deputies patrolling and preventing crime and the criminal element has a safe haven here. It will be worse for 2008. 

I don't need to learn how to command or supervise. My qualifications are well documented and I will reallocate current resources to put more deputies on patrol. I've commanded over 250 at a time. We have less than 170 employed. Lets elect a Sheriff who is qualified and can go to work immediately upon taking office to address the lawlessness we are being victimized by. We need a change

NOW. I need your vote on August 26th. Together we can make Hendry County safer for our children and grandchildren. Mine live here, too.

Please vote Kevin Nelson for Sheriff.

Political Advertisement, Paid for and Approved by Kevin Nelson, Republican for Hendry County Sheriff.

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