Sunday, August 31, 2008

Call For Mosquito Help

Aerial applications Aimed at Reducing Growing Population    

 LABELLE, FL. -- In an effort to reduce the exploding mosquito population in the wake of tropical storm Fay, Hendry County announced preparation of aerial spraying for mosquitoes which began Friday, August 29 and continues for the next few weeks. In 2006 after tropical storm Ernesto the insect traps has in excess of 20,000 mosquitoes. In 2007 due to draught weather conditions those numbers dropped to less then 50 mosquitoes. This year the population is in excess of 166,000 in the traps.

Communities that will be treated include: LaBelle, Clewiston, Pioneer, Montura, Felda, Hookers Point, and some unts of Port LaBelle. Applications will begin at dusk and run to approximately 1:30 a.m.

Clarke Mosquito Control, the nation�s largest mosquito control provider, will administer the aerial application. In addition to aerial application, Clarke is overseeing and implementing an integrated mosquito control program that provides surveillance of the mosquito population, larval control and adult mosquito control utilizing increased truck spraying.

In addition to the County�s mosquito control efforts, residents can take a number of steps to reduce mosquito populations around their homes this summer, including:   

Remove or empty water in old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or other places where mosquitoes may breed.
Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week and store indoors when not in use. If unused drain swimming pools and keep dry.
Change water weekly in bird baths, plant saucers and trays.
Store boats covered or upside down.
Water bowls used by pets should be emptied and refilled daily
Fill holes around home that may retain water
Keep gutter around home in good repair to avoid water build up
Keep weeds and grass cut short, as adult mosquitoes look for shady places to rest during hot sunlight hours
Be sure screens in home are intact and tight fitting to prevent entry.

 To report heavy mosquito annoyance situations, call Clarke�s Hendry County Mosquito Hotline" at (800) 203-6485

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