Friday, August 22, 2008

Millionaire Sheriff Candidate Caught In Lies?

More Lies From Politicians? One Voter Claims "Yes"

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Rick Hornsby, candidate for Hendry County Sheriff, one of two self-described Sheriff candidates with a net worth of over $1,000,000, placed a large ad in print newspapers this week, prompting this "letters to the editor" response from a voter:

I was holding you in high regard until I found out that you were lying to the voters of Hendry County.

I looked at your candidate comparison sheet in this weeks paper and could not believe the things you had printed to make yourself look better than the other candidates.
1) You have not lived in Hendry County all your life. You have lived in West Palm Beach for over 12 years and just moved back to Hendry County approx.3 years ago

2) You were only in the service for 13 months, of which only 7 months was active duty. Ronnie Lee was in the Army and Marines for over 20 years of active"oversea"duties,then became active in the reserves
3) You say and now have printed that you are the only dual certified candidate, that means certified Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer. Florida Department of.Law Enforcement records indicate that you have not been certified in Corrections since 1994. In order to get re-certified, you would have to go through the whole school again, which would be 3 1/2 months long.
Considering these grossly misleading claims, we are wondering what else you are saying to deceive the voter's. Also, with all your credentials, why are you still a "traffic cop"?
Why did you lie? You were doing so well until the truth came out. Glad I found out before I voted!
-Voter with questions 


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Knowing who some of the supporters for Hornsby are and their connections to Montura. I would NOT vote for Hornsby if he was the last candidate for sheriff in Dodge city. For some reason these well known shaddy people find comfort in this Hornsby guy.
    Hornsby, if you do not know who the alleged mobsters are, or don't care to care, you better educate yourself first and run in 4 years when you may choose to associate with cleaner people.
    You lost my vote, the vote of my family as a whole which now amounts to many votes since my grandchildren are now new voters as well.

  2. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Just curious, Is hendry sheriff candidate/palm beach traffic cop Hornsby on Speedtrap detail at SouthBay mainstreet (palm Beach)? It seems that little operation just got started again. Funny how the "hood" west of there never gets raided even though it is obvious that it's the local economic center of that dump. And while we are at it with such "super duper" Law enforcement there why are we not catching the marijuana plant/dope trafficking via Homestead-Krome Ave. SR 27 Crossing South Bay into protected Hendry County??? or vice-versa and this "clown" is seen hanging out with shady people in montura?
    Dude I am too decent to vote for you. I hope your supporters are qualified to vote.

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  4. Louis r may. who knows him?