Monday, January 05, 2009

Florida Health Insurance Program Begins

Two Companies Will Provide Health Coverage For Henry And Glades

LABELLE, FL. -- Governor Charlie Crist has announced that six health insurance providers are ready to begin enrolling Florida consumers in the Cover Florida Health Care Access Program. Two insurance companies will write policies for Hendry and Glades county. The state has selected the companies based on bids and the government will not subsidize the coverage. Blue Cross has the lowest monthly premiums, lowest coverage and highest deductible
United Health Care has a higher premium, higher coverage limits and lower deductibles

The Governor said, "Today is a day many uninsured Floridians have been waiting for. Affordable access to health care is a reality, and I encourage every Florida family and business owner who has been waiting for affordable health insurance options to visit and review the available Cover Florida plans.

"I am grateful to the six insurance carriers who have developed these affordable health insurance options for Floridians.  I strongly encourage all six companies to make every effort as quickly as possible to provide accurate information to Floridians wanting to purchase Cover Florida plans."

Interested individuals are encouraged to discuss their health care options directly with each available insurer, says Crist. The web site has been updated to include contact information for each insurance provider.  Each company will begin providing information to interested consumers via toll-free phone numbers, and two providers have information available online.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Where is the contact info as promised?

  2. Click on the underlined works in the article to go to the individual "plans" and the website for the program as well

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