Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl 3D Ads - Coming At You Sunday!

Advertisements To "Pop Out" From TV Screens During Super Bowl

LABELLE, FL. --  Super Bowl viewers this year will for the first time see an all 3D commercial break premiering this year with advertisements from Dreamworks' new film "Monsters and Aliens" and Pepsi's SoBe LifeWater showing dancing lizards.

Sponsored by Intel Corporation, the ads will air at the end of the second quarter of the country's most watched football game.
Intel has distributed more than 125 million pairs of 3D glasses to grocery stores nationwide. Viewers can also call 1-800-646-2904 to obtain a pair of the special 3D glasses by mail, although they certainly won't show up in time for the broadcasts.

A full 3D episode of the series "Chuck" will follow the Super Bowl broadcast.

LaBelle's Live Daily Webcast Features 3D Too!

Inspired by the latest 3D movies and television broadcasts, Don Browne is incorporating live 3D live video in some portions of his daily broadcasts on This week Browne, a featured broadcaster/producer on the live webcam network, has been showing live scenes in 3D from LaBelle, Fl. along with his informal live daily broadcasting.

He's on the internet daily, where anyone using 3D glasses with red and cyan (blue-green) lenses can see the stereo 3D vision broadcasts at Free 3D glasses can by ordered through (self-addressed envelope and stamp required). The glasses necessary for the internet 3D broadcast are "standard" 3D lens colors and are different from the Super Bowl 3D glasses. The Super Bowl glasses will only work for the TV broadcasts, Browne says.

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