Friday, January 02, 2009

No Movie Theaters In LaBelle?

No Problem - Watch Movies Free On The Internet!

LABELLE, FL. -- There are no movie theaters in the county seat of Hendry county, and no theaters in Glades county either. The closest theaters are in Fort Myers, at least a 45 minute drive from LaBelle. So what to do? Watch the movie on the internet is the solution for many people now.

The internet has seen a large expansion recently of sites showing 1st run current hit movies broadcast continuously on websites like And all are free to watch by anyone. Anyone can watch the latest movies on the internet including latest releases, old classics free. So what's the catch you might ask?

Most all of the current movies you see streaming on the internet are from illegal video taping of the legitimate movie by a video camera at a movie theater. You will even sometimes see shadows of people walking in front of the camera.

Generally, the video quality may be mediocre to poor, and the sound quality may be excellent to poor, but the movies are at least watchable on the small screen of a computer. But by watching these "free" movies, you are probably encouraging illegal copying and broadcasting of films without permission of the copyright owners. And lots of people are doing it. There are usually about 400 people watching one of these numerous movie channels at any time of the day, many more people watching than would be in an actual theater showing.

It is illegal for anyone to broadcast copyrighted material to the public without permission of the copyright owner, in this case the movie studios or production companies are the owners of the movies and videos. You can be sure that none of the live broadcasters at these websites have permission to broadcast these movies.

But, nonetheless, one particular web site owner ( allows the live broadcasts unless the copyright owner notifies them that they are in violation of their copyright. This almost never happens apparently as these channels have been broadcasting movies continously for many months, with several hundred viewers at any one time.

Here's where to find out more about the illegal movie sites:
Watch 1st Run Movies


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Dont know what idiot wrote this article... but there is a theater in Clewiston 15 to 20 min. (Less depending on where in Labelle or Glades county you are coming from)from Labelle. Personally, I would much rather go there as the cost for movie and treats is less then 1/2 of what it will cost you in Ft. Myers. If there is such a demand for a theater that is not 45 min. away as you claim.... then explain why the theater that is availible to you locally has been struggling to stay open for years? Seems in this rough economy you would want to support your local folks, instead of supporting a company based outside of your City, County and State.

  2. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Clewiston Theater is closed an for sale Carole