Monday, November 05, 2012

Non-Responsive Hendry-Glades Candidates

Less Than Half Of Candidates Responsive In Hendry And Glades County?

LABELLE, FL. -- Every year we send several email messages to all political candidates in Hendry and Glades county, and every year we get responses back, but just from a few.

We've noticed that not many elected officials bother to answer email messages. So, maybe those running for office who choose not to answer questions, will be equally unresponsive when elected.

Here's the tally of which political candidates in Hendry and Glades County, Florida responded in 2012. (Click on each non-responsiive candidate's name to send an email to them if you'd like to see if they respond to you)

Neither candidate for Glades County Sheriff, incumbent Stuart Whiddon and Robert A. Wilson responded.

Both candidates for Glades Property Appraiser responded, Robin Knight McLean and Lorie Ward. (note: Both have advertised on Southwest Florida Online: McLean ad, Ward ad )

For Glades Commission District 3, incumbent Paul Beck did not respond. Cannon Eley did respond (note: Eley runs ads on Southwest Florida Online - Eley ad)

For Glades Clerk of Courts neither Sandra Brown or George Humphries responded.

In Hendry county, incumbent Clerk of Court Barbara Cox Butler did not respond, while challenger Larry Wilcoxson did respond but failed to follow through several times to our requests.

Incumbent Hendry Sheriff Steven Whidden failed to respond, while challenger Mark Chamberlain did respond with a letter we published.

Incumbent Hendry Tax Collector Peggy S. Hampton nor challenger Tom Corbitt responded.

Incumbent Hendry Property Appraiser Phillip Pelletier did not respond while challenger Kristia A. Kulpa did. (note: her ads are running on Southwest Florida Online daily) Kulpa letter

Incumbent Hendry Superintendent of Schools Rick Murphy and challenger Paul Puletti did not respond.

Candidates for Hendry Supervisor of Elections Brenda Hoots and Kevin Drummond both responded. (note: both are running ads on Southwest Florida Online. Hoots ad. Drummond ad ). Rose Raulerson-Mason did not respond.

District 3 Hendry Commission candidate Don Davis did not respond and has no email address listed officially. Tristan G. Chapman did respond. Chapman letter. (note: his ad runs daily on Southwest Florida Online)

Neither Stephanie Busin nor John Perry, candidates for Hendry School Board Seat 4 responded.

None of the five candidates for City Of Clewiston Commission responded.

Summary: In Glades County, only three of eight candidates responded: Eley, McLean, and Ward. In Hendry county six of 17 candidates responded: Kulpa, Chamberlain, Drummond, Hoots, Chapman, and Wilcoxson.

In Clewiston, none responded.

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