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Dead Ex-Husband Was Suspect In Gruesome Murder Case

Decapitated Woman Found In Sugar Cane Field - Ex-Husband Apparent Suicide Today

Note: This story contains graphic crime scene descriptions and may  be disturbing to some readers.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL. -- Albert Thomas Lambert, 52 and former husband of the murdered victim Kimberley Lindsey was to have been arrested and charged with her death. But, Sunday Lambert was found dead of a drug overdose in Miami. Lambert was to be arrested for 1st degree murder and burglary of a dwelling.

Kimberley Lindsey's headless body was found in a sugar cane field in eastern Hendry County by cane field workers. It was later found that her fingertips had been removed.

According to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Detective Raymond Goncalves, Lambert is the former husband of Mrs. Lindsey and together they had three children. Their divorce was finalized in November, 2012.

Dr. Albert Thomas Lambert, MD was a Emergency Medicine Specialist, with 22 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Nuclear Medicine. He was a 1987 graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

The two were still going through court hearings over alimony and child support. Lambert was refusing to present the required documents to the courts in regards to child support and alimony issues, say investigators. 

In a court hearing on Friday, October 25th, 2013, Lambert told the presiding Judge, that he would either “disappear or go to jail” before he paid anything.

Concern Raised After Lindsey Did Not Show Up For Work

On October 28th, 2013 the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to check 8214 154th Court North, Palm Beach Gardens for Kimberly Lindsey, a school nurse at Bak Middle School.

A coworker of Lindsey advised that Lindsey went away over the weekend and traveled to see her daughter at the Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, Florida but had not showed up for work.

A deputy arrived at the home at noon and found Lindsey's car in the drive but she was not home. A check with the phone company found her last call at on October 27 at 6:38 p.m. and the last text message at 7 p.m. to her daughter.

Palm Beach Deputy Bush came back to Lindsey’s residence later that day with a neighbor of who had a key to the residence but Deputy Bush discovered that the door was shut, but unlocked. A bag containing clothing was discovered inside the residence on the kitchen counter, which appeared to be from the weekend trip. 

Downstairs was Lindsey’s purse, which contained money, keys, and her Florida driver’s license. 

Blood Found In Victim's Bedroom And Car
In the master bedroom, the bed was missing the sheets and comforter. There was a blood-like smear at the headboard area of the bed. A bra and green t-shirt were found at the foot of the bed. Inside of the bra was what appeared to be a blood-like substance. The green shirt is the same shirt worn by Lindsey when she left Ft. Myers, which has been confirmed through recorded interviews with her daughter. 

Just outside of Lindsey’s bedroom door, a small amount of blood was discovered on the floor. A small amount of blood was discovered on the wooden bannister (which leads downstairs) and on the second floor platform on carpeted floor just above the banister. Blood was located on the floor inside of the garage and on the other side of the garage door. 

Parked outside of the residence was a 2001 Silver Toyota Camry registered to Albert Lambert and driven by his and Lindsey’s daughter.

Several blood-like substances were located on the rear bumper just under the Florida tag and along the inside lip of the rear bumper and trunk door. Investigators noted that the area of the blood is consistent with a bloodied object or person being placed inside of the trunk and the trunk door pushing down, causing the blood to seep through the cracks when the car was in motion.

Lambert's Daughter Had Spent Weekend With Him
According to the youngest daughter, age 16, she had spent the weekend of October 26, 2013 and October 27, 2013, at her father’s house. During this time, her mother Lindsey was visiting her sister Sophia Lambert in Fort. Myers. 

On Saturday, October 26th, the daughter and Albert Lambert drove the Toyota Camry to Northlake Auto Spa and got it cleaned and detailed there. After the Camry was cleaned and detailed, they drove the vehicle back to Albert Lambert’s residence and the daughter spent the remainder of night at the residence. 

Investigator say the vehicle was not loaned out to anyone and Albert Lambert remained in the residence for the rest of the night as well.

On Sunday morning, the daughter went to the community pool at about 10:30 AM and returned to Albert Lambert’s residence at about 12:00 PM. At about 1:00 PM, Albert Lambert left the residence in his black Mercedes to run errands and the daughter stayed to complete homework assignments. 

At about 5:30 PM Lambert returned home. At about 7:20 PM, father and daughter decided to go to Pollo Tropical to get dinner. They drove in separate cars, because his daughter needed to return and complete her homework. Albert Lambert told her that he planned to go to Walmart after getting the food.

Upon purchasing their food from Pollo Tropical, she returned home in the Toyota Camry and Albert Lambert went to Walmart in his Mercedes Benz to purchase t-shirts and clothes hanger. 

She returned to the apartment at about 8:20 PM and parked the Camry outside in a parking spot. At about 8:50 PM, Albert Lambert arrived with only clothes hangers in his hands. They ate together and the daughter went to her bedroom at about 9:30 PM and shut her door. Albert Lambert also went to his room. She remained in her room doing homework until falling asleep at about 10:30 PM. 

Investigators say her keys to her Camry were on the dresser when she fell asleep. At about 5:00 AM, she was awoken by Albert Lambert who told her to wake up and get ready for school. Albert Lambert left for work at Raulerson Hospital located in Okeechobee. 

The daughter entered her vehicle, which was parked in the same spot as the night prior and drove to school. She was later contacted by school staff and told that her mother had not shown up for work. She was asked if she knew her whereabouts, she said that she did not know. 

She left her school and drove the Camry to her mother’s house and parked on the driveway on the west side of the residence. The Camry remained untouched and in this same position until it was examined by Sheriff’s Office Investigators later that day.

Detectives Make Contact With Lambert

On Monday, October 28th, 2013 at approximately 7:54PM, PBSO Investigators attempted to make contact with Albert Lambert at his home located at 4161 South US Hwy 1, apartment K2 in Jupiter, Florida. His 2008 black Mercedes convertible vehicle was not located at any of the parking spots near the residence.

An investigator tried to call Mr. Lambert at 8:47 PM but received no answer, and left him a voicemail.

On Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 4:02AM, a text message from my PBSO issued cell phone to Lambert’s cell phone asking for a call back.. At 11:15 AM, a text from Albert Lambert’s cell phone was receive which read, “Who is this?”

At approximately 11:17AM, a reply was sent back, “Det. Goncalves from the Sheriff’s Office.” At 11:17AM, Albert Lambert called back and it was explained the detective was investigating the whereabouts of his ex-wife, Kimberly Lindsey, and wanted to see if he had any information.

Albert Lambert explained that he was leaving his office in Broward County, Florida and driving home and stated he would meet with Investigators at PBSO Headquarters. After this phone conversation, Lambert then sent a text message at 12:50 PM stating that he spoke with his brother and that they both thought that Albert Lambert would rather speak to an attorney first and that he “did not do anything wrong.” 

Lambert sent additional text messages stating that he would be speaking to an attorney before speaking with investigators. 

At 4:19 PM, a call from attorney Josephine Barone told the detective she is representing Albert Lambert and that she would consult with him and get back later with the detective.

Lambert Buys Gun And Ammunition
On Tuesday, October 29th, 2013, information was received and confirmed that Albert Lambert purchased a Charter Arms .22 caliber pistol from Gator Guns and Pawn in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 9th, 2013. He returned to Gator Guns & Pawn on October 19th, 2013 and obtained the gun, ammunition and a cleaning kit.
Follow-up interviews with Lindsey and Albert Lambert’s daughters were conducted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013, in Wellington, FL. The silver 2001 Toyota Camry was parked in front of the residence where they were staying and was subsequently towed from Wellington for further investigative processing to the PBSO Impound Lot. 

Victims's Headless Body Found In Cane Field

On Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at approximately 1:50 PM, the detective received an email from a PBSO Criminal Analyst in regards to a body located in Hendry County, Florida. Further contact with Investigators in Hendry County revealed that the body of a headless white female was discovered in a canal. 

The fingertips had also been removed from this body, and there was a defect at the center of the chest which later turned out to be a gunshot wound.

On Thursday, October 31, 2013, an autopsy was conducted on the female’s body in Lee County, with
PBSO Det. K. Smith present. A .22 caliber projectile was recovered from the female’s chest. Also, retrieved by Det. Smith was a purple top bottle of blood taken directly from the headless female.

On Thursday, October 31, 2013, a search warrant was executed on the Toyota Camry at the PBSO headquarters and Lindsey’s residence. 

On Thursday, October 31, 2013, at about 1624 hours, Albert Lambert was seen on video surveillance entering and exiting his residence. He was seen carrying clothing on hangers and what appeared to be a blue sports bag. He was accompanied by a white female who was later identified as his sister, who resides at 2101 Coral Gate Drive, Miami, Florida.

On Friday, November 1, 2013, the detective was notified by the PBSO forensic laboratory scientist, that the blood source taken from the headless human body recovered in Hendry County is a positive match to the blood source recovered from the bumper and the area of the inside latch of the Toyota Camry. 

The blood was positively identified to be that of Kimberly Lindsey through DNA comparisons. 

$2000 Transferred To Daughter's Account By Lambert
Further interviews were conducted with Kimberly Lindsey’s and Albert Lambert’s daughters at PBSO Headquarters and it was determined Albert has been texting and calling his daughters more frequently since the disappearance of Lindsey, Albert has transferred funds into one of the daughter’s account for about $2,000 and states via text messages that he will add more. 

Also discovered during the interviews, Albert Lambert has spare keys in his possession for both the Toyota Camry and Kimberly Lindsey’s residence. In addition, his daughters advise that Albert Lambert also has knowledge of the alarm code for Kimberly Lindsay’s residence, and they have witnessed him using it to gain entrance to the residence in the past.

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, a search warrant was executed at Albert’s residence. During the search several articles of clothing and a blue towel containing a blood like substance were collected.

The PBSO says the murder case would have been cleared by the arrest of Albert Lambert for the murder of his ex-wife. He had been under surveillance but died of an apparent overdose before police could arrest him.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Why was Mari Lambert, Albert's sister, and her boyfriend taking Albert's dead body out of the house in a sheet? As a nurse, she doesn't know the proper procedure to report and remove a dead body?

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I thought the exact thing. As Sheriff Bradshaw said, "we hope they were taking him to a hospital". But--it's very weird! Why on earth would you go dragging your brothers corpse onto the front lawn, without even calling 911?!? God forbid if I were ever in such a horrific situation, but Im certain my 1st instinct would be to pick up the why didn't she?

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM


  4. Anonymous2:51 PM


  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I live down the street from Kimberly Lindsey, it is so sad. The house is very secluded and usually not very lit up, since her disappearance all the flood lights, post lamps and a light upstairs have been on. A piece of crime scene tape is blowing in the wind. These poor girls. How can two people that fall in love and bring three beautiful daughters into the world leave with such tragedy. Money is indeed the route of all EVIL. How can a father especially one with means deny support. Killing the mother of his girls then USING HIS DAUGHTERS CAR TO DISPOSE OF HER BODY AND ALLOWING HIS DAUGHTER TO THEN DRIVE THE CAR, this is one SELFISH MAN who was a COWARD. I only hope he left a note telling where they can find all of Kimberly's remains. He has destroyed those poor girls life. It is certainly not their fault but no doubt they will be questioning themselves for some time What if? As for his sister, I hope she is arrested. Who the hell drags a dead body around? ........ Oh wait! Her and her brother. Money will never undo or repair the damage he did however I do hope their was Life Insurance Policies and money for these girls so that they may live without any financial worries, they certainly will have enough other worries. Unknowing I am sure Dr. Lambert secured their colleges with out having to pay for it. out of his pocket. The bastard qualified them for PELL GRANTS by making them ORPHANS. God help these girls in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      I was married to such a man. When they lose control of the situation ie divorce settlement, court otders , they become incensed and often seek revenge. He probably was having multiple affairs etc.. and didmt want support payments that would infringe on his lifestyle. There should be mandatory classes for divorcing people to explain the potential dangers.. education aboit changing codes, locks ...

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      (Part 3)There is a group of people working very hard to amend the antiquated Florida alimony laws. They had a bill at the first of the year that would have made divorce court more just and would have put certain boundaries on the results so that the end result would be more predictable, as is the case with child support, tying the hands of crooked judges with outlandish, uncapped rulings to appease their buddy attorney that is also their golf, or drinking buddy. This bill would have likely saved lives, and kept Florida Family Law Attorneys from financially destroying the wealth of both involved in the divorce, as well as robbing their ability to care for their children, But Governor Rick Scott, who also is an attorney, sided with his attorney comrades and vetoed the bill, even after there was overwhelming support of over 2/3's of the house votes, and legislatures in support to kill this ruthless antiquated and crooked system that is so detrimental to Florida Families. So while Dr. Lambert carried out the atrocious act,,,,there are many perpetrators involved in this incident,,,behind the scenes. Suicide in divorce among men is relatively common, due to the fact that they feel their life is already over as the results of being rapped by the corrupt divorce system, and they feel that taking their own life is the only answer. Hopefully Mr. Scott will come to his senses and not veto the bill this year and bring an end to this sadistic madness.

    3. (Part 2) Perhaps if Florida had laws implemented like the state of Texas in which there is a cap of $5,000 per month, of alimony and a max of 10 years, then maybe these girls would still have both of their parents. But in Florida alimony is a run away train with no caps, no formulas, just a judge,,,,a crooked judge in many cases, that fly's by the seat of his pants making random calls with someone else's money,,,and that judgement is very often swayed by how much the judge likes the attorney. The whole system is as corrupt and akin to organized crime. Dr. Lambert very likely was confronted with an incredible dose of this corruption and felt helpless, backed into a corner, and considered his life to be over and totally decimated,,,and there was nothing he could do about it, and thus he reacted with a poor choice,,but a choice that he likely felt was justified, and was the choice of last resort. (continued)

    4. (Part 1) While this was an atrocious event,,,,and a terrible loss, and I would never condone violence of any sort, I feel you have to look at the much bigger picture. I do not see the Dr Lambert as a cold blooded killer, not someone that saves live on a regular basis. The fact is, if you take the mildest natured dog and back them in a corner to the point that they think they are in danger, you will see them morph into a vicious beast. Greed on both sides played a significant part in this horrible act. And Kim Lindsay's greedy attorney, as well as Florida's antiquated alimony laws likely aided and can be the catalyst for turning a normal person into a killer. Another article told of her attorney sapping over $300,000 out of Dr. Lambert in a dragged out court battle over many years, and Ms. Lindsay suing for an atrocious amount of monthly lifetime permanent alimony, likely fanned by her attorney telling her that she deserves every penny, and making her feel entitled. While I was not there, I am quite positive that Ms. Linday's attorney kept fanning the flames of hatred between the two of them so that he could continue to ligate and increase his wealth from this case. They prey on people that are in a very emotionally charged circumstance and take advantage of people when they are at their lowest point of reason to sap them of their wealth. That is what the vast majority of Family Law Attorney's do,,,,,and they do it very skillfully. The most of them do not look out for the best interests of their clients,,,,,they look out for the best interests of their deep pockets,,,,,and what is even worse, is that Florida calls this kind of robbery legal. Ms Lindsay's attorney admitted to striking the match that attributed to her demise, and stated that he was weighed down with extreme guilt. (continued)

  6. Please be aware of how corrupt and unfair Florida's family courts are. Men get to drive away with the shirt on their backs, pay perminant alimony to a cheating ex wife and put into debtors prisons if they can't pay child support because they lost their job

    1. Anonymous12:21 AM


      This man is a crazy killer?

      That was unfair to his daughters!!!!

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      That is a real myth!! Really, child support is so low, and if man purposely loses job, the judge will modify all support down again. Lifetime alimony is really hard to get, you have to be prove that you cant work..

    3. Anonymous5:47 AM

      Alimony is practically impossible to modify and is a completely different animal than child support. Lifetime alimony is awarded anytime there is an income disparity and the marriage was at least 12 yrs. It is awarded in childless marriages, it is awarded when both parties work. This couple is proof of that-they both work yet alimony was an issue. It is not difficult to obtain at all and has destroyed many more lives than.this one.

    4. You are missing the point. Men often react with violence when backed into a corner.I faiel to beleive that if family courts were fair and there was a mandatory joint custody standard, death and injuries would be reduced,. Did you know thatt any woman can go see a judge in a secret meeting and receive a protective order against her husband for no reason?? She does not have to give any evidence of abuse to the judge. The judges just issue them with no questions asked. The husband is met by a cop and given the order. He will not be able to see his children for months now. Judges seldom repeal the orders at the hearings.Men often commit murder suicde when this happens to them. Feminist and women want to retain this horrible sexist policy just so they can have an advantage in divorce court.

    5. Anonymous @ 8:22 PM you clearly do not have a clue of what you are talking about. Go to Florida Alimony Reform and click on the horror stories button and sit back and read how uninformed you really are about getting alimony modifications in the case of loss of income.

  7. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Has her head been found already?

  8. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I think what he did was horrible! But I must say that Florida Alimony Laws must change. There are other articles going in depth about some of the goings on of the 30 plus court filings in the previous month or so. Florida's alimony laws are antiquated. Much about this case is speculation. But for the record many "payors" have been subjected to lifetime alimony. Sure in this instance some will say he had the "means". We won't ever really know. In many cases the one receiving the alimony also received 1/2 of the assets. They also get "lifetime" alimony, and if the one paying takes on additional work or another job they end up paying more to the former spouse. The current system almost encourages the one receiving to continue to litegate and pursue. We have no idea how much he was paying towards the older childrens college. In another article he had to pay 75 percent of the ex's legal fee's that kept mounting up. Florida laws need to change regarding lifetime alimony. In the past year or so 5 men have committed suicide in Florida over lifetime alimony. (In other cases not this one it promotes the receiver not to work or remarry) and gives them license to continue to drag the paying party back to court if his income goes up. Child support and alimony are two different things. I'm only speaking of alimony. The argument that the receiver gave up a career doesn't fly with me, women we continued to work still had to cook, clean, rear children and everything else. It was a luxury to not work in many of these cases. The number of voluntarily underemployed women receiving alimony is insane and they are the group that has the least amount of remarriages yet cohabitate so as to still be on the dole of the ex. Many of these lifetime cases the receiver has also gotten 1/2 of the marital assets as well. The one receiving also could have had affairs, done drugs, been checked out of the marriage but because Florida is a no fault state it doesn't matter, but if the man stayed to see the kids through high school he sadly hits that "long term" marriage mark and will have to pay until the day he dies. This is a wake up call and so sad that these girls are now without both parents. If he wanted out of paying he should have just taken his own life. He was a coward !

  9. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I agree with the poster on the alimony situation in florida. My boyfriend stayed in a marriage to a women who was unfaithful, did pain pills and tried to be a closet drinker. He endured 19 years of verbal abuse so as to not leave his child alone with her raising and playing more games as he had seen her do with her former ex. When the child graduated she served him with divorce papers and told him she'd ruin him. Her reason for serving the papers is she knew he'd leave when the child graduated. He ended up with splitting the 800,000 in assets they had, fighting tooth and nail in court at each of her whims and he had to pay her 124,000 in legal bills and his 90,000 and he makes 70,000 a year now and has to give her $3,000 a month because at 50 she refuses to seek employment or go back to school. She golfs 3x a week, lives in the 2500 square foot home she was able to keep and never has to worry about working again. He has approx. 2800 left over each month with 2200 of it being net. He lives in a condo, works non stop, drives a 7 year old car and spent half of what he was awarded (200 of the 400) on legal fees.

    If we married tomorrow and he and I started a new business and we worked around the clock she could come back and legally be entitled to get more money from him. The system promotes men to be dishonest, hide assets, take their lives, and be bitter. My boyfriends ex is fully capable and loves to tell him where she is traveling to next and that she'll never get a job and never remarry and that he will pay her til his dying day. He has a lower standard of living then she does and he works 50 to 60 hours a week. This is insanity at it's best. Those poor girls were also victims of the court system. The courts should not be so involved in our personal lives. The two of them should have been locked in a room together until they could agree what was best for their children and themselves.

    There should be a limit on court fees and a retirement has to be possible for the other spouse. If in my boyfriends case the judge said "ok, alimony for l0 years" it would force her to go further her education vs travel and golf while he works.

    There are cases that one spouse "helped" the other to their success. Not this man, he came home cooked for himself and his child, cleaned the house and handled all the business of the home. (she golfed and cheated) he didn't want a long custody battle so he stayed til the child became of age and his reward for staying with a cheating spouse was to be sentenced to alimony til the day he dies. Even if she went and got a minimum wage job his alimony would be cut by almost l,000 a month and she says why should I work when I get a monthly paycheck from you? So she got the house (300,000 it was paid off) her 2 year old vehicle (he was ordered to pay it off and half of their assets and none of the legal fee's for what she drug through the courst for 3 years. Sadly he'd offered her all of the 800,000 in the beginning if she wouldn't litigate all their money away. He figured he'd work more (oh did I mention he was partially retired from the banking industry and went back to work and can't make the income he'd made previously. (He'd been doing this the last year of their marriage since he has some major medical issues) diabetes, high blood pressure, hear disease. So now he has no option but to work and support her and try to save by living in a condo. *and she was working the last year of the marriage making $52,000 a year and she quit 2 months prior to filing for the divorce. So she is capable of earning a living.

  10. Anonymous6:13 PM

    T.he family of Albert Lambert is a beautiful family he was raise in a loving normal live style the man just lost his sanity it can happen to any one. My prayers to all.

  11. What a sad & tragic story, the deepest sympathy for their daughters & their Mother’s Family.

    How many women have to be murdered & how many men have to commit suicide for the Terrible Florida Alimony Laws to Change?

    Governor Rick Scott will for sure have a lot more BLOOD on his hands for his VETO!

    Earlier this year the Florida House & Senate overwhelmingly passed a Bill to over turn the Horrible Permanent Alimony Law in Florida. This Bill was passed by representatives “OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE” & was just simply VETOED by Rick Scott.

    We all should VOTE against this Incumbent Governor!

    Also, we should ask why a compassionate E.R. Physician, & loving father of three would commit such a horrible crime, when he had dedicated his life to saving others?

    Answer: the corrupt Florida Family Courts & Laws!

    Sympathy to this E.R. Physician’s Family, as he is truly a VICTIM TOO!

  12. Anonymous3:04 AM

    You can all blame alimony all you want. I blame a narcissistic control freak who when faced with the fact he could not dictate what she would do took CONTROL of the situation, he had all of the POWER and he used that to get his way, which was to remove Ms. Lindsey. CONTROL.....POWER.....Notice the common denominators here? He lost his power, he lost his control. He was no better than the 3 year old having a temper tantrum at the removal of a favorite toy. He is no victim and those who push the lies of the court system that hates men? I can show you court orders that are over a year old which suspends indefinitely the CHILD SUPPORT to an u derage CHILD. Not a chills who is now an adult, but a child a long way from being an adult. So biute it when you say this poor poor man was a victim. Yes he was a victim, a victim of his own stupidity and need for control and his anger and rage at his ex wife.

    1. Anonymous 3:04 AM you are narrow minded and a shallow thinker, and Im sure your description of Dr. Lambert is really a description of you, as that is how you know so much about those subjects of "CONTROL and POWER", and what its feels like to have it taken away, and about temper tantrums. I guess you are special. Too bad that not everyone can be as perfect as you.
      This very country was founded on loving people being backed into a corner, and the result was, common people, farmers, shoe makers, blacksmiths, and so forth, that had never killed anyone or anything before, became killers of people that were trying to take everything away from them. If they had not, likely you would not be here,,,or at least you would be talking with a strong accent, and have British teeth.
      The bottom line is you are clueless, and uniformed of the big picture,,,your should get our more often,,,,,or at least study up on what is taking place around you.

  13. Anonymous6:03 AM

    My prayers go out to the kids. Too sad.

    They lost both parents due to a corrupt Family Court system and our woefully outdated Permanent Alimony laws.

    Fix them so nobody else will have to die!

    The attorneys and Governor Scott have blood on their hands...and three girls are orphans who didn't have to be.

  14. Anonymous10:11 AM

    This is an extremely sad situation that may have been prevented. The Family Courts need to have guidelines for divorced couples that can be followed consistently throughout the state. Unfortunately, Florida's alimony laws are unjust and promotes dissension. All families will benefit and need to support alimony reform to abolish current unfair and unjust alimony laws. At the conclusion of a divorce both parties should walk away in an equitable manner. Prior to the marriage they were individuals with separate lives, during marriage they merged, and upon divorce they should be allowed to return to their separate lives. One should not leave the marriage permanently tethered to the other. One should not reap the benefits of a free lifetime of alimony, while the other spends a lifetime wearing a financial yoke. By providing permanent alimony, Florida’s law today does just that. The current law rewards one spouse at the expense of the other. It took two people to make the marriage, and two people to make the divorce. In Florida, a no-fault divorce state, the permanent alimony provision certainly runs counter to the fairness and equality that is the spirit of the law, punishing the person forced to make lifetime alimony payments. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It needs to change! Most unfortunately in this case, the acrimony between this couple escalated to a horrible end.

  15. Anonymous11:39 AM

    crazy i was treated by this Dr. Lambert just acouple of days before this case started,I thought he was a great dr. he took great care of me at okeechobees Raulerson hospital i was very ill with heart prblems,But im in shock i guess you never REALLY know any one any more.This just blows my mind!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Just two more victims from the carnage of Family Court. The judge and both lawyers aided and abetted this crime. They took a man, who supposedly had no prior history of violence, and goaded and harassed him for their own financial gain, until this man snapped. Others just knuckle under, go to jail, flee or kill themselves. HIs lawyer appears to have tried to abandon him - that happens to the breadwinner when the lawyer has taken all the money and there is no more money left. Her lawyer then tried to bleed him for even more money. The doctor likely would have lost his medical license once he was sent to jail. He would then be expected to earn a doctor's salary without a doctor's license or spend the rest of his life in jail. This is a deliberate act of greed and spite on the part of his ex-wife and lawyer. The the doctor would have no money to hire a lawyer to defend himself. If the ex-wife had a winner-take-all attitude about the children and child support instead of agreeing to shared parenting - she may have encouraged his children to reject him as well. I do not think that her behavior should be punishable by death. However, isolating, abandoning and condemning a man guilty of nothing more than a long term marriage and earning a living could have contributed to him losing his coping skills and losing hope and then committing this crime His voice sounds resigned and despondant in the audio recording.

  17. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Another terrible tragedy happened. It could have been prevented had the Governor not vetoed the alimony reform bill in May. I urge everyone to support alimony reform of our state’s outdated, unjust, and ultimately unfair alimony laws. The vast majority of people in Florida support reform and the legislators listened to their constituents and the people to pass the bill through the House and Senate. Unfortunately, the Governor still vetoed the bill under the cloak of darkness several hours before it would have transitioned into law.
    The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar is opposed to alimony reform and continues to spread misinformation about both the now vetoed bill and the current divorce and alimony law in what can only be viewed as a selfish attempt to preserve their own litigation-derived income. There was no other reason to oppose the bill. They assert the bill would be devastating to families and this is absurd. The families in question were already devastated when the divorce occurred. It is the current laws that further devastate the parties afterwards by bleeding one while encouraging dependency in the other. The new bill did not in any way alter child support responsibilities so children’s welfare remains protected and provided for.
    The FLS claims the bill is anti-women and this is also completely untrue. Indeed, there are women paying lifetime alimony too, in some cases to men who abused them! Florida’s antiquated alimony laws date from an era when women were less educated and not expected to support themselves. Times have changed and single and divorced women are educated, trained, gainfully employed and financially independent.
    The FLS claims the existing law already provides for termination of alimony when the obligor reaches retirement age. Like their other allegations, this is patently false and obviously self-serving. While the current law may provide the right to hire a lawyer (likely a member of the FLS!) and seek modification of alimony at retirement age, it does not end alimony payments nor does it assure a reduction in the amount being paid. Many alimony payers cannot afford or even think of retiring and will have to work until the day they die!
    While the bill provided for retroactively reviewing and re-hearing previous divorce settlements and possibly ending or modifying alimony, it does not call for the immediate termination of all previous alimony awards. If an alimony recipient can prove a clear need for alimony, the payments would continue. The bill did, however, call for abolition of permanent alimony and the establishment of specific guidelines on how long alimony should be paid.
    Divorce shouldn’t carry a lifetime penalty to one party for the benefit of the other. When a couple divorces, separation of lives should follow. The State of Florida is in effect penalizing me for a failed marriage .I am tethered for life to the ex. Alimony Reform is needed to remedy this situation.
    - Alimony should provide for a transition to a new life and not permanently fund that new life
    - Alimony should be awarded based on need with established guidelines
    - Alimony and its length should be determined via a formula and not the whim of a judge
    Alimony reform is fair. It’s what the people want and it’s the right thing for the State of Florida and its families.
    Don't allow another horrible consequence of antiquated family laws happen again. Alimony reform MUST happen and soon.

  18. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Wonder if the children can sue Governor Scott for his hand in this because he failed to approve the alimony reform bill. The ex-husband must have been extremely stressed with the amount of money he had to pay in alimony and child support and must have felt he had no way out of it. Desperate people do desperate things. This situation should be brought to the attention of the Governor and lawmakers. Will this start a rash of more murder suicides of others who see no end in having to pay lifetime alimony? Hope not.

  19. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Hope the lawmakers, lawyers, governor pass an alimony reform bill that will help families move on and not resort to such violence. Too many Florida families continue to be torn apart because Governor Scott vetoed the alimony reform bill because of it being retroactive. Are you going to reconsider that horrible decision Governor now that you have blood on your hands? Do you think it's possible you could approve an alimony bill and name it in this woman's name to hopefully never have this happen again?

  20. Anonymous3:46 PM

    It's a tragically sad story. And yes, the kids are the real losers. But if you sit here and dismiss court policy as contributing to this kind of outcome then you're just denying reality. Think of it this way- another nation is coming to steal your right to have any contact or any meaningful contact with your most cherished blessing, your children. Then they will steal your assets including your home, they will restrict your chances of meaningful employment and reduce your future earning ability to bring you more in line with poverty where you will remain, they will ensure lies and untruths are upheld against you to infect the opinion and love your once close extended family had for you.
    What would your government be then asking you to do? They of course would stick a gun in your hand and tell you to do something about it.
    The shameless unethical way family courts conduct themselves does contribute to screwing up society and it's all in the name of money. It's not done for the children although there are plenty of fools whom believe so.
    Here in Australia we have had one person burn himself alive on the steps of the court in protest over the destruction brought on him. Their answer to that was to prohibit the story even being published. Not even an inquiry, no mention of his name. Swept under the carpet with all the other trash.

  21. Anonymous2:25 PM

    The family courts of Florida and family law attorneys have blood on their hands. Rest in Peace.

  22. Anonymous11:58 PM

    End the acrimony that divorce brings with huge debts of legal bills, and large alimony judgments. Reform the current antiquated lifetime alimony laws. How about the Lindsey Alimony Reform Bill to stop horrible outcomes such as what happened to this woman and her ex-husband.

  23. Anonymous6:16 AM

    My comments are of my own and seeing as I knew Albert very well as I worked with him and hungout with him alongside other co-workers at a Fort Lauderdale hospital for a couple years I simply as that you please respect my post, my comments, and my contribution to yhis forum.
    Albert and I became friends through work and the side I knew of him was fun, funny, loved his daughters, and a hard worker.
    Those of us who knew him were 100% in disbelief and shock. We know and believe he did this disgusting and horrifying thing, but we honestly never saw anything like that from him. He was a joker, fun guy to be around, loved dancing, and loved his work.
    None of what I am about to say justifies his horrific acts, but this article left somethings out...1. Lambert had recently had a heart attack while at work in a Ft. Lauderdale hospital. 2. He recently had surgery for his heart and was on some heavy meds including Vicodin. 3. He was NOT dead at his sisters home. According to every other news source he OD'd at her house, she found him unresponsive, gave him mouth to mouth, and made a call to someone asking for help, it was not 911, as she covered, not wrapped, but covered him with a sheet she and her husband carried him to the car. That is where a detective intervened. The sister said what she was doing and why. At that point Lambert stopped breathing again. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
    Again this was a heinous, disgusting, evil act and nothing justifies him doing what he did and leaving his girls with no parents!