Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Help When You Need It Over The Internet Says Google

Getting And Giving Help Over Live Google Video Introduced Today - Lots Of Free Help Too

What if getting help for a computer glitch, a leaky pipe, or a homework problem was as easy as clicking a button? What if you could connect via real-time video to a music teacher or a yoga instructor from the comfort of your home? What if you could get someone knowledgeable to get you “unstuck” when you really need it?

Google is announcing Helpouts—a new way to get and give help over live video. There are currently thousands of people participating with many free. A search will find lots of scheduled Helpout that are without cost, while others charge either per session or per minute.

Google says it's goal is to help people help each other. "We want to use the convenience and efficiency of the web to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with someone who can help."

Google say help might be a quick answer to a problem you’re having right now, like how to fix your garage door, or how to remove a computer virus; or it might be guidance completing a project, like building a deck. It might be learning a new skill, like how to speak conversational French or how to draw cartoons; or it might be general advice on how to improve your fitness or your writing (I could use this right now).

With Helpouts, you can choose who you get help from based on their qualifications, their availability, their price, their ratings and reviews. You can connect instantly or book in advance. You can get help from individuals or from brands you already know and trust, like Sephora, One Medical, Weight WatchersRedbeacon (a Home Depot company), and Rosetta Stone

Once you’re in a Helpout, you can do more than just talk—you can share your computer screen, collaboratively edit a presentation, or record your Helpout, just like can be done now on Google Plus Hangouts On Air. And if the experience doesn’t meet your expectations, Google offers a full money back guarantee.

Google Helpouts are starting small and only in a few categories today. The number of people giving help on Helpouts and the type of help available will grow over time they say. 

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