Sunday, January 24, 2016

Schzamm! - Bill Neville

Commentary by T. W. Bill Neville

For all you fans of the long-running Andy Griffith show as the Sheriff of Mayberry, I trust you are as mystified as I have been to what Goober really means when he says "SCHAZAMMMM" every time he is surprised by a vocal or physical activity.

With that in mind, ever since my wife of 65 years died last June, I have been inundated with "SCHAZAMMMM" moments, without a "clue", as to the "cause" resulting in the "effect."

Suddenly, out of the "BLUE", I came across an article related to Senior Citizen "cause" and "effect" issues relating to what they are calling the "SEENAGER" syndrome.

According to them, it demonstrates it's effects in the sudden realization that you, as a "SEENAGER", has, at long last, everything that they ever wanted as a "teenager", only many decades later. They don't have to go to school, work, or anything they don't want to do. They get a monthly allowance, without even having to ask for it. They don't have a curfew or a 'wake up" call agenda. No more unneeded chores,schedules, or commitments.

Once I got used to the idea of being a "SEENAGER", and all of the "free" time it now makes available for doctor's appointments, social outings, family visits, world travel, and truly rewarding Senior Citizen, "earned" activities, I was able to truly understand hat life is too short for "drama" or "petty" things.

So laugh often and hard. Love truly and forgive quickly. Live like you're still alive. Try to understand that the reason we sometimes seem slower thinking, "SCHAZAMMMM", maybe it's because we have so much valuable information stored from our years of experience and application initiatives, that it might take a minute to find it.

Unlike a true "teenager" when we go into a room and then forget why we are there, it is a part of our doing more physical exercise to facilitate the "me-tabulation" of the brains ability to decipher whether a mental or physical response is appropriate? Much like"THIS" and "MANY" of "my" articles seem to 'EFFECT" the readers?

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