Monday, January 04, 2016

Timothy Alexander Trial Begins - Charged With Attempted Escape

Timothy Alexander, Jr. Facing Charge of Attempted Escape Without Attorney

LABELLE, FL. -- Timothy Eugene Alexander, on trial at the Hendry County Courthouse this afternoon facing a charge of Attempted Escape after allegedly breaking out the window of a Hendry Count Jail transport vehicle on October 24, 2013 after a hospital visit.

UPDATE: On January 5, Alexander, defending himself without an attorney before Judge James Sloan and a six-member jury, was found not guilty of the escape charge. Alexander still has other criminal charges pending against him.

Jill E. Cabai, Assistant State Attorney is prosecuting Alexander today in court. Alexander is acting as his own attorney, pro se. A charge of criminal mischief against Alexander was dropped today. A jury panel was waiting at the courthouse until 1:30 pending numerous motions before Circuit Judge James D. Sloan in the morning. A six-member jury will be selected today.

Alexander, a former Lee county firefighter and party bus operator was arrested earlier in October 2013 for sexual battery on a minor and later for arson. He has been found not guilty of the arson charge.

From the Sheriff's arrest report, shortly after midnight Hendry County Inmate, Timothy E. Alexander, Jr. was transported to a nearby hospital after complaining of being in need of medical attention.

After being examined by hospital staff, Alexander's medical needs were attended to, he was then discharged and told he would be returning to the Hendry County Jail. Alexander became uncooperative and Hendry Jail personnel requested assistance from Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Lee County Deputies arrived on scene and assisted  the Hendry County Jail deputy in escorting Alexander back to and safely securing him inside the jail transport vehicle.

Hendry County Jail personnel requested assistance from Lee County Sheriff’s Office a second time, when Alexander became unruly in the back of the HCSO transport vehicle. Alexander was shouting and began striking and punching the rear side window with his hands and kicking it with his feet, eventually breaking the window. 

Alexander then reached through the broken window attempting to open the door from the outside.

The Hendry County Transport Officer was able to safely stop the vehicle and kept Alexander from escaping.

Photo: Hendry County Sheriff Booking Photo

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  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Yup, he has gotten out of several charges all ready. he will probably get out of them all. he is very sly. Shame on you jury of hendry county. You have been fooled. Probably not hard to do in that county...i hope they lock him up and throw away the key. and arrest his mother for drug charges too. The whole family is garbage.