Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Father With The Brown Shoes - Bill Neville

Commentary by T. W. Bill Neville

Once upon time in a fit of rage, resentment, and outright, malicious, malfeasance, "Cain", while he was still, "Able", piloted a research program leading to the creation and observance of what we call "Father's Day", to this day. In more recent times, my "sons" used to scurry home to watch the modern day version, called "ALL MY CHILDREN!!"

Maybe that's not the way you remember it, but give me the benefit of the doubt, as I, as always seem to be the GUY, in a room of BLACK tuxedos, wearing the "BROWN" shoes.

That goes for my use of the word "PARENTOLOGY" as a categorical attempt to shine a light on what's happened in the past few years to the role and, even the "need" for a FATHER. Maybe it's my astigmatism that makes it difficult for me to fathom the elimination of the "family" as an institution of worth and merit. It's like an alphabet soup of "mores", with choices of "same" sex marriage, single mother families, and a "transsexual" extravaganza of multitudinous dimensions and circumstances.

I entered the "Father" characterization in 1952, as a 24 year old, "nookie" rookie, and graduated in 1961, as a full "fledged" Father of five fantastic sons, who made us very proud. Blessing us with 10 grandchildren and, to date, 6 great grandchildren, including our first set of twins.

My motive in writing this article today, is to set the stage for my article on the 19th which will be the official Fathers day and coincidentally, not by request, the FIRST anniversary of the death of our Matriarch of 65 years, Mrs. Betty Neville. Until, we meet again, on Fathers day, congratulations TO any and all of those who are still resisting the "attacks" on the "SANCTITY" of "ONE" man and "ONE" woman MARRIAGE, and the "FAMILY" way of LIFE!

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