Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Monkey Farms Sued By Sam Tommie For Violation Of Zoning Code

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Seminole Tribe member Samuel Tommie is taking area monkey breeding facilities to court in an attempt to stop their activities alleging the facilities are a nuisance and violate the zoning code for agricultural use.

Tommie filed a case in May against BC US LLC, Panther Tracts LLC and Primate Products LLC

Tommie alleges that his home on the Big Cypress Reservation in Hendry county is affected by the activities at the breeding facilities and interferes with his cultural practices in the Big Cypress wilderness area.

John O.Sutton of Miami, attorney for BC US has responded asking the court to dismiss the case or have Tommie provide a more definite statement of his claim against the company. Joseph M. Hendry II of Lake Placid representing Panther Tracts and Primate Products is also asking the court for a more definite statement of Tommie's claims. Hendry also is asking for a stay of the proceeding pending a judgment in this week's case by three plaintiff's against Hendry County alleging the agricultural zoning (A2) on the properties does not permit breeding of thousands of wild monkey primates.

Attorney Hendry also is asking for a dismissal of the case under Florida's Right To Farm Act which protects agricultural activities from nuisance suits. Hendry claims monkeys are farm products and alleges the monkey breeding activities have been going on for 17 years.

Marcos E. Hasbun of Tampa is representing Tommie in Hendry case number 2015 CA 252. Circuit Judge James D. Sloan is the presiding judge.

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