Friday, May 04, 2007

Air Pollution Growing

Power Plants To Blame

LABELLE, FL. -- For the first time, data reveal a split picture along either side of the Mississippi River, as particle pollution (soot), the most dangerous pollutant, increased in the East but decreased in the West, while ozone (smog) decreased nationwide from peaks reported in 2002.

The number of counties scoring an A grade for ozone levels increased from 82 in 2000 to 145 this year, but particle pollution levels show an ominous trend, with F grades nearly doubling in just one year.

Higher soot levels in the East are linked to an increase in electricity generated by heavy polluting power plants. In the West, by contrast, soot levels continue to drop even in areas that rank historically high in particle pollution. California showed the most improvement with 32 counties dropping their year-round particle pollution levels. Ozone pollution dropped thanks to a late 1990s requirement to clean up emissions of the raw ingredients of smog, as well as cooler summers in 2003 and 2004.

Reductions in the nitrogen oxide emissions from coal-fired power plants that were in place by 2004 kept smog levels down, even when the heat returned in summer 2005 in much of the East. In the West, particularly in California, aggressive measures to reduce emissions from a wide range of air pollution sources (cars, trucks, and other mobile sources) contributed to fewer high ozone days.

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  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    How about all the smoke and ash from US Sugar? Oh can't talk about that one it's just burning plant material- yeah right!!! they are the #1 polluters in Hendry County. All the other counties report it as Everglades wild fire when the smoke accidently reaches them after a wind shift. Little do they know that it is just US Sugar and others getting rich while they soot up the lungs of the helpless residents- elderly and kids alike. Few complain since many benefit from the industry in one way or another. No one really does an independent investigation since no one concerned can afford such luxury. No official agency really wants to find fault since the industry fully $upport$ the campaigns of both parties (just look it up). The fact is that every thing is bought and paid for from our one hourse County to our elephant and donkey dog and pony show Country