Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wanted: Farmer For 'Bachelor' TV Series

LABELLE, FL. -- The CW network (formerly called The WB & UPN) is looking for a farmer or rancher to star in the next series of its network romantic reality show "The Bachelor." The casting directors say ideally the person chosen will have actual farming or ranching experience such as working a farm/ranch, been in the rodeo circuit or even an heir to a ranch or farm empire. They can be the son or daughter of a rancher or farmer as long as they have the basic knowledge of the lifestyle.

Requirements include being single, age 23-30 and in decent physical shape and "be able to charm the ladies." If interested email the casting director with your experience and how you fit the rancher/farmer/cowboy description. along with 5-10 photos, including "one with the shirt off" to: Alicia Good, Senior Casting Director - alitexas@mac.com

Filming will begin in July and last three weeks with a stipend paid for participants.

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