Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Controversy Stirs At Barron Water Control District

Meeting May 24 To Discuss Severing General Manager Duties

PORT LABELLE, FL. -- Some Port LaBelle residents are fighting for better management at the Barron Water Control District which is now managed by the same full-time manager as the Port LaBelle Community Development District. The Development District pays out of its annual budget $50,000 to the Barron Water Control District for the management duties of Ralph Nicholson and his small staff.

There have been allegations that the Water Control District allowed a pesticide chemical spill on their grounds to remain for 13 months along with a hurricane damaged metal warehouse that was blown down behind the District office on Dellwood Terrace in Port LaBelle. Observers are blaming then Board of Directors Chairman Mr. Colbert, and board members Mr. Mouthaan, and Mr. Rockers for the hazard that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ordered cleaned up.

The next meeting of the Development District is at 6 p.m. May 24 at 3293 Dellwood Terrace in Port LaBelle.

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