Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Development - Big Power Plant Needed

Commentary by C. Curry

I've read with some interest about all the environmental groups that are jumping on the bandwagon to condemn the proposed FPL Coal Plant.  While I don't understand the entire process involved with the plant, nor do I really expect to understand it all, but what I do understand is that as long as development continues there will be a need for power. 

As long as power is needed, FPL (or other electric companies) will see the ability to make money - the reason they are in business.  So, being the very simple minded person I am, wouldn't these groups be wiser and get more accomplished if they went after the developers?  These are the folks that are making all the money and not having to worry about providing the services needed for new developments and the people they will bring in.  Seems to me money would be much wiser spent on trying to rein in the development and urban sprawl which would in effect stop the need for more power plants. 

It also stands to reason that the more we develop the more water is needed.  And, correct me if I'm wrong, but water seems to be lacking all over the state, especially in the southern portion.  Why keep allowing more and more development when we don't have the resources to support it? 

When you ask most of the folks moving into the smaller rural interior counties the reason for the move, most of them will say to get away from the 'rat race' on the coasts.  Give them a few months and they want to start changing the small communities into the communities they just left on the coasts.  I find it very irrating that our local small town governments keep giving in to these demands for bigger and better things (in their eyes) for us small town folks. 

You know what, if I wanted a shopping mall on every corner, a grocery store every quarter mile, a theater every other mile, I'd move to the coast where most everything natural has been destroyed!  I enjoy a nice ride from the country to the city for my shopping.  When you get home it makes you appreciate the natural beauty of small towns even more - that is if you open your eyes.  Don't keep moving here to change my life for the better (by your standards). Until the development is curtailed and resources are allowed to sustain growth, fighting FPL is a moot point.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Developers ARE the number one target of environmentalists. And stopping this power plant will absolutley slow down development.