Saturday, March 05, 2011

Flora And Ella's New Lease On Life?

New Restaurant At Historic Flora And Ella's?

LABELLE, FL. -- If plans go forward there may be a new operation at the landmark Flora and Ella Restaurant in LaBelle. The proposal is for a new tenant to lease the building from the property owner, Fred J. Burson, Trustee. The Bonita Bay Group has decided not to continue renting the property.

Sherry Mazzarello said on a Facebook page March 4th that "I would like to announce that "Flora & Ella's" will NOT be closing. My Husband Danny and I will be leasing the Restaurant and though we would like to keep the name. We are not sure if that will be possible, But we will still be serving the "Home Cooked Southern Food" with a touch of "Italian Cuisine" And of course we will still have those "Famous Pies" along with a "Fresh Bakery" with a variety of fresh baked goods!"

Husband Daniel Mazzarello, aka Norberto Daniel Mazzarello, according to state records and corporate web searches, is doing retail business as "Izabella's Bakery" in Hialeah, Fl. since October 21, 2009, with four employees with estimated annual sales of $120,000, but has a business mailing address on Evan's Road in LaBelle.

Update January 31, 2012:  The Mazzarello's got the keys to the "Country Place Restaurant And Bakery," an unregistered fictitious name, on April 3rd. It opened for business July 9, owned by A Country Place LLC, whose owners were Carlos LaBeau, Pedro Alvarez, and Antonio Coletta, all of Miami .

The restaurant shut it's doors December 16th after being sued by the building owner for eviction.

A new corporation, The Heart Of LaBelle LLC, owned by two men from Miami, and business partners with the original Country Place LLC owners, is now leasing the restaurant building, and operating as The Front Porch Restaurant, an unregistered fictitious name.  The Florida Secretary of State's office has no record of that restaurant name, neither does the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

The corporation is at this time improperly operating under the previous restaurant license, according to the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, and will have to transfer the license to the new corporation and be inspected.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Is the restaurant closed at this time?

  2. Anonymous11:51 PM

    yes its closed right now, but will be opened in a month!

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Dec. 28, 2011

    Is it open now?