Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free TV - Cut Your Cable Costs

Free TV - How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars

LABELLE, FL. -- Tired of paying for TV each month? Cable and Satellite companies generally raise their subscription fees about 5% or so each year. Here are tips on how to eliminate monthly cable or satellite bills.

Not only can you view network TV over the air free with a digital antenna, you can now see all the major network shows on the web sites of each network. CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, and MTV now have most shows on their websites.

With a computer and high speed internet service you can most likely eliminate any cable tv or satellite subscriptions. Here's what's available now for free, and more will be coming over time. offers a selection of shows, movies, and clips from Fox, NBC Universal, ABC, PBS, MGM, and Lionsgate.

Comcast's, CBS's, and include shows from CBS, ABC, Fox, WB, MTV and more. has MTV, BET, and Paramount. has Sony Pictures and original content. has network and classic tv programs, while has live sports.

Another big advantage is watching news coverage on the internet. You have the ability to get the latest breaking news directly from the country of origin, faster, and usually without any commercials.

For example, the recent Japan earthquake is being covered much better by NHK World TV from Japan than CNN or any U.S. news channel. And all without commercials.

Check out the coverage coming directly from Japan with TV video at: or by radio (audio) at:

You may want to consider "firing" your cable or satellite TV provider and getting your news and entertainment direct and free over your computer, saving hundreds of dollars in subscription fees yearly.

Try it and see if it's worth cutting free from cable and satellite services.

Update: Be aware that there are services online selling subscriptions to their service, advertising the ability to watch premium tv and movies for free. These are all scams, as they are violating copyright laws and do not have permission from the networks to rebroadcast programming and charge a fee for it.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    No need for internet. All you need is an antenna and digital TV or converter box for older TV.

  2. I cut the cable a year ago no regrets at all.We use LCD TV with surround system for the main viewing area.Mac MINI so have DVI to HMDI to TV and Optical to receiver. EYETV to record - can only watch/record one channel unless you add another EYETV. Using Ethernet not WIFI due to bandwidth issues with Hi-def movies. PLEX for streamed movies. Use Iphone Plex App to control movies and Iphone Remote App to control Mac Mini - no keyboard or mouse needed. For completeness I also have a TIVO HD with lifetime service. Works great - the only monthly bill is for the Internet Service (Uverse) and the electricity to run it all - not much as the Mini's are very frugal.

  3. No way! Thank you. I have had Comcast Internet in Washington, DC for the past 3 years and have been meaning to finally go ahead and "cut the cord!"