Monday, March 28, 2011

Glades County Crash Kills One

One Dead In Teen Crash

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- A crash Sunday March 27th took the life of a 19-year old at State Road 78 and Glades county road 78A. 

Justin Wade Wiggins, 18 of Moore Haven was traveling east on State Road 78 just east of County Road 78A (Ortona Road SW). as 19-year old Darlene Falkenhan of Mount Wolf, PA. was traveling west on State Road 78 as Wiggins attempted to overtake another vehicle in a no passing zone. 

Wiggins's 2010 Chevy Tahoe entered into the direct path of Falkenhan's 1999 Saturn Ion. D01 of V01 attempted to change back into the eastbound lane but was unable to, due to traffic. He continued to travel east in the westbound travel lane. As a result, the front portion of the truck struck the front portion of the car. 

After impact both vehicles came to final rest on the north shoulder. Due to the injuries sustained in this crash, Falkenhan was pronounced deceased on scene.

Update: On August 3, 2011 Wiggins was charged with vehicular homicide and arrested  His next court hearing is scheduled for August 27, 2013 at 1 p.m.

On April 3, 2012 Wiggins was arrested in Glades county charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property. He was released from jail on August 6, 2012. His next hearing is July 17, 2013.


  1. Heather Renee9:21 PM

    I went to York County School of Technology in York, PA with this girl She was well loved by everyone who knew her. This is a true shame. Some dummy who was impatient killed her. If he had only been where he should have been driving by law Darlene would still be alive. RIP Darlene

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Justin Wiggins life is not for anyone to judge he is also just a young teenager who also has been through hell in his life, loosing his twelve year old sister on her birthday to a car crash a few short years ago. He is the best child in the world and let me say this was an accident not by anyone's fault remember that when you are passing hatered and judgement, and yes RIP Darlene and Kattie.

  3. Anonymous1:43 AM

    No one can judge him but the man up above.

    Since Justin has lost a sister to a car accident shouldn't he know better then? Maybe it was a lesson from God he was supposed to learn from. Obviously he failed to learn from it. Now a life has been taken. It was not just her life that was effected by it but friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers ect. Her life had just begun.

    Anyone's mother or father would say their child is the greatest. Doesn't mean that is a fact.

    The accident is someone's fault. It is Justin Wiggins fault. He was the one who plowed into a girl. Don't you dare pass judgment and act like no one committed a murder. That's exactly what it is murder. This could have been completely avoided if someone was a responsible driver. No excuse can make up for a death.

    I hope he faces the consequences of his actions regardless if it is him living with the guilt of killing her for the rest of her life or if he faces consequences through the courts for this.

    Hopefully something is done, because there should be harsh punishment for killing someone. Who's to say if her family even had life insurance or struggled? Now they're stuck with this huge financial burden as well. Hopefully the justice system works for the family.

    Hopefully this case will wake up people to drive with some sense. Hopefully a strong punishment is placed to scare other drivers into driving with some dignity and respect for others. If we keep placing light sentences on bad drivers there will continue to be bad drivers. There will continue to be unnecessary deaths and heartache for everyone.

    Everyone has the right to feel emotion especially taken the way this woman was taken. I think everyone is tired of wreckless drivers. I think when it happens to someone they know personally it sets them off even more and that should be completely understandable.

    I'm a strong believer in karma. He will get what is coming to him regardless of who likes it or not. In the end he will become a stronger person out of this if he actually chooses to learn from it.

    RIP Darlene. Everyone in your life will miss you, and you will never be forgotten. I hope people learn from your death Darlene.

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    his life will be judge by god in turn why didn:t he obey the law and not pass on a no passing zone and where were his parents at when he was going thru hell in his life. and yes it was a horrific accident which could have been avoided.he has to live his life knowing he took another young life who will totalling be miss he had to forgot his own loss with his sister:s loss

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    There are a lot of things that happen in Glades county that is covered up by the good ol boy system. Justin just happens to be one.....he has been in two accidents that happened after this and he was not charged with any of it!!!!! I hope her parents push this issue to the fullest, when you have habits that cause misjudement, that is not an accident!!!

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    ^To the above poster can you please email me details of the crash I am the victims sister. We had no idea he was in two crashes afterwards.

  7. Anonymous8:01 PM

    sounds like this family needs to be investigated into everything with a young man like this killing Darlene and then two more accidents afterwards. choices are made without any regard for others on the roads.the prosecuters ought to know about the blantant disregard for human life also does this boys mother and father teach him anything, its seems they miss the mark totally well I think the good olde boy system needs to be made honest and respectfull and to go by the law everyone has to follow. maybe the family could sue for punitive damages and wake these people up

  8. Anonymous3:07 AM

    justin is my best friend and yes he did violate a driving law by passing in a no passing zone but damn lay yall dont know him like i do you think he really tried to kill that girl i mean anyone could have done the same thing he lost his sister now he killed someone isnt it enough that he has to live his life knowing he killed this girl i mean shit after all accidents are called accidents for a reason

  9. Stop trying to victimize the criminal. Him being your best friend does not change the fact that he took a life, and continues to drive carelessly and endanger others around him. If he's a victim of anything, it's his own stupidity and carelessness. It's called personal accountability.
    "Isn't it enough that he has to live his life knowing he killed this girl?" At least he still has his life. Shut the hell up.

  10. Anonymous8:48 AM

    ^^ to anonymous. are you kidding me? is it enough that he lives with it? are you serious? he took one of my dearest friends away from me and now hes trying to plead not guilty to killing darlene? maybe all the people in flordia are stupid but he will get whats coming to him. count on it.

    1. Anonymous11:55 AM

      I can say this much I've been in Florida for two months and I've never seen so much careless and stupidity in vehicles

  11. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Justin is a giid kid he had some problems and he had.made.some.mistakes but it was a accident he didnt mean to hit her he was just being.a.stupid teenager i grew up with justin and i was there when he lost his sister so he hasnt had.a very so are you really going to destroy the rest of his life bc of a huge mistake he is sorry for.wat was caused just cut the man a break let god judge him in the end

  12. Anonymous9:53 AM

    It's not an accident when you know if you go into a no passing lane you could potentially hit into on coming traffic. That's like you know you don't drink and drive, because you know you might not be sober enough to handle driving. It's common sense and an excuse. I don't think you should be defending him when he's in the wrong. I think Justin needs to face up to what he's done and be a man and own it. He doesn't need everyone protecting him from what he's done. He can't change his life if he denies what he's done. He needs to learn from it and face up to his consequences. No one is going to cut him a break for taking a precious life from their life. That's really messed up to ask someone after they're grieving a death. You need to show respect to Darlene, her friends, and family and stop telling us all how to grieve, and how we should feel about Justin. We don't care to get to know him like you know him. In fact most of us want him put away for a very long time because he's a danger to others around him, he took a life and we all want justice. Save the pity party.

  13. Anonymous2:59 PM

    You say wat u want ill help just out anyway i can even if it take the best lawyer money can buy.

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    OMG! We are dealing with "uneducated folk" here. ^ I am not surprised, it is obvious in every way.

  15. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Im just glad Justin lived