Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony's Father Testifies On Suicide

Judge May Allow Suicide Letter To Enter Trial Evidence

At the Casey Antony murder trial Wednesday, George Anthony testified about his attempt to get information about his missing granddaughter from friends of daughter Casey, even if he had to do it at gunpoint.

While Caylee Anthony was still missing, Mr. Anthony says, in August 2008 he purchased a gun from a dealer and was going to confront people in an attempt to find out what happened to 2-year od Caylee, presumably using the gun to intimidate.

He said the police found out about his gun purchase and took it from him, stored in his car trunk, since he could not have gun in the same home as Casey because she was under arrest and staying at the Anthony house at the time.

Anthony was prepared to commit suicide and describe buying a quantity of beer and taking some blood pressure pills. He says he wanted to "join Caylee" and felt guilt and failure.

He had written a multi-page suicide note and called or texted relatives to say goodbye. Judge Perry will rule later if the suicide letter will be allowed into state's evidence when they present their rebuttal case. Jose Baez objected to the introduction of the letter into the court testimony during the defense case today.

The defense has also filed a motion for mistrial based on a new Florida case calling the Florida death penalty unconstitutional. Judge Perry will rule on that at a later time.

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  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I feel very sorry for the man. He's obviously in a lot of anguish.