Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Small Bit Of Tax Relief For Florida

Water Management District Taxing Reined In A Few Dollars

Florida Governor Rick Scott today hailed his signing of legislation that will save homeowners and businesses throughout Florida $210.5 million on property taxes due in 2012. Senate Bill 2142 caps the taxes Florida's five water management districts can assess on residential and commercial properties.

What Scott hasn't said very clearly is the tax saving only amounts to a few dollars a year for the average homeowner. Typically it will save from $5 to $10 per home in 2012 depending on property taxable value.


Across four of the five water management districts, Scott says property owners will save an average of 30 percent on their 2011-12 property taxes. Residents will see varying levels of savings, depending on where their property is located. Property owners in the Southwest Florida Water Management District will see the greatest savings.  Savings for all five districts are as follows:


  • Southwest Florida Water Management District                  36% reduction
  • South Florida Water Management District                          30% reduction
  • St. Johns Water Management District                                 26% reduction
  • Suwannee River Water Management District                      8% reduction
  • Northwest Florida Water Management District                       No increase
Hendry and Glades county are in the South Florida District.


In addition, Scott says citizens will have more access to information about each water management district's budget.  Each district is required to provide a monthly financial statement to its governing board and make the information available to the public on the district's website.

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