Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Jose Baez Uses Attorney Sims To Get Casey Off

Dorothy Clay Sims - Usually On Plaintiff's Side Fighting Expert Witnesses

Ocala, Florida attorney Dorothy Clay Sims is before the court today examining defense witnesses in the Casey Anthony murder trial, and getting off to a bad start as Judge Belvin Perry denied allowing multiple expert qualifications for her forensic toxicologist, Barry Logan.

(photo: Sims comforting crying Casey Anthony)

Sims specializes normally in working for plaintiff's attorneys as an expert in cross-examining medical experts. In the Anthony trial so far, she's been relegated to a seemingly minor role, until today.

She was unable to get the court to recognize Barry Logan as an expert in analytic chemistry, and other sub-specialties. The denial apparently put a crimp in her questioning, as the state was able to get objections regularly sustained to dozens of questions she put to Logan this morning.

According to her bio she "attended the University of Florida and helped pay for her schooling with student loans and monies saved from waitressing at Steak & Shake and packing fruit." She says she lives part-time on a sailboat.
From her biography:
"She ultimately studied international law at Oxford University and traveled throughout Europe relying upon the kindness of strangers who fed and housed her. Her budget was so limited, she realized she could not travel short of hitchhiking…so she did sometimes, surviving on food leftover by others in restaurants or donations from truck drivers and their wives - something she most definitely does not advocate."
Sims says a career change happened as she watched experts for the defense hide the truth to keep plaintiff's from winning in court, and she spent ten years learning how "defense doctors hid or mislead the evidence."  
"She traveled the nation at her own expense meeting authors of various psychological tests and interviewing them about examples of how their tests were abused in the wrong hands." says her bio.

Her experience in seeing how experts for the defense can manipulate data may be the reason Jose Baez is using her as co-counsel (besides working for no pay)

Speculation on how she can help Casey avoid of a murder conviction:

1. Expose any irregularities in expert testimony
2. Poke hole in data produced by laboratories
3. Provide the "good cop" to Baez' "bad cop"
4. Have jurors sympathize with Casey Anthony through Sims' quiet and soft demeanor
5. Sims, working for the defense, instead of her usual attack of defense attorneys may show a genuine concern for a fair murder trial


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Dorthy Sims also claimed (in her workshops) that she personally rewrote the FL Worker's Comp definitions for disability determination. But counsel for the American Medical Association wrote a letter in Septemebr 2004, threatening legal action. The definition turned out to be plagiarzied from the AMA guidelines for determining disability.

    Ms. Sims knowledge of scientific methods is fairly shallow, but her marketing of such expertise is much better. Her cross-examinaitons are incoherent, and amount to testimony disguised as questions. Judge Perry lost patience with her unusual questions during the Frye hearings on admissibility of scientific evidence, in the Anthony manner.

    She did NOT study international law at Oxford. She attended a workshop that anbody could attend, as long as registration fees were paid. Sims has not done trial work since the early 2000s, and that was just in Worker's Comp, fairly low on the legal food chain.

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I certainly think hitching around Europe (if she did) would be preferable to the tedium of this trial. Defense focus on lack of or conflicts in evidence progressing roughly. I can't believe that the jury isn't ready to throw rotten tomatoes at the entire defense table.

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    If the duct tape doesn't fit the you must acquit. All these posters worried about Casey Anthony murder trial, who's getting kicked off the American Idol, who's on the Voice, who shot JR. Its no wonder our country is in the shape its in.

  4. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I am an attorney who practices in central Florida, indluding Ocala. I have personally handled cases against Ms. Sims. I'm no fan of Dorothy Sims. She is aggressive and deceptive in litigation. And she takes a great deal of pride in that. There was (maybe still is) a large sign in her office that says "Lawyer from Hell".

    But while I didn't care for her personally or for her underhanded tactics, I have the utmost respect for her as an advocate. She made a fortune in Workers' Compensation representing injured workers.

    The massive re-write of the Workers' Compensation Law that took effect in 2003 put an end to the era when an injured worker's attorney could earn a 5 figure fee for getting a 3 figure benefit for the injured worker.

    As a result, Ms. Sims, and others like her (and me for that matter), had to reinvent ourselves. While I have not been impressed by her performance in this trial, it has not diminished my respect for her.

    As for the person who suggested that Workers' Compensation lawyers are low on the legal food chain, I would point out that from the late 1970s to the early 2000's, Workers' Compensation attorneys were among the highest paid litigation specialists in the state, and the medical/legal nature of workers' compensation were surpassed only by Personal Injury lawyers.

  5. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I'm no expert, but Ms. Sims seems like a deeply paranoid person.

  6. Anonymous12:35 AM

    from what I've seen of the trail, Ms. Sims holds Casey's hand, pats her on the back, feeds her bruised ego, and serves as the "mommy" figure on the defense team to the narcisistic defendant. After seeing Cindy Anthony take credit for the internet searched for chloroform, I say the best fate for the entire family is to let Casey off and send her home, the entire Anthony family pack of psychos deserves each other. Cindy will lie to save Casey, so let Casey off and send her home, watch how quick they are at each others throats again. Sad that the little granddaughter had to be born into such a twisted, sick family.

  7. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I think Ms. Sims missed out being involved in the Eileen Wuornos trial...Casey Anthony trial is her second chance. She has no experience in this type of proceeding, which makes her a perfect match for Baez. The blind leading the blind...let's hope the jury is intelligent enough to see through the bs and that justice will prevail.

  8. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I don't think Mr Baez would select Ms. Sims because he would be under the impression that her work/performance would be deficit. She obviously possesses some sort of legal moxie that is an incredible assesst to this case.

    My verdict after watching the goings on, is that Casey does not get the death penalty. Mr Baez and his team have injected some outstanding reasonable doubt issues thus far that honest juries just cannot ignore.

    The case is not about Ms Sims and her co-workers. It's about a little girl who was very loved and cherished and who is now gone. Sad, sad story.

    I don't think anyone will ever know the truth, unfortunately. There are too many deceptions, lies, mis-statements, etc on both sides. But I think Jose Baez will win the day. I'd hire him based on what I've seen so far.

    Just my opinion.

  9. M. Cryz4:38 PM

    In my opinion Ms Sims, Mr. Baez and Mr Mason worry me. Jose Baez should step down and let Mr Mason take over, he's the expert. Everyone in the Anthony family needs help, they love their daughter but the also have to know that she murdered Caylee. Ms. Casey is so good at lying that she has railroaded ever her defense team. To me her lies have turned her life, her parents and brother should thank Casey Anthony for their lose. Remember it's not about Casey it's about Caylee that beautiful child that is no longer with here. All I've seen and heard so far makes no difference to me because Caylee did not drown she was killed by her mother purposely. Caylee was the world to the Anthony's (Cindy and George) if should drowned they would have called 911 not triple bag her and throw her out like trash and not miss her for 31 days. Casey is evil after all her parents did for her raising her daughter and supporting her for all her needs. I wish I could say she's not guilty but too many lies,and deceptions. JOSE BAEZ PLEASE PUT CASEY ON THE STAND, GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY!!! It's so sad Caylee was so precious. Casey is not about you it's about CAYLEE.

  10. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I think Baez has an ego bigger than Casey. He makes me so sick. In my opinion he is just as hollow and heartless as the BITCH he is defending.
    He and little innocent Casey deserve each other......they are cut from the same ugly mold that has no place in society. If there is a God let him punish them both.

  11. Anonymous10:25 AM


  12. This has been one of the best lot of comments on one page I've come across.These commentators have shown more than that they are well informed, they grasp the natures of these beasts that were discussed.

    They range from Mason, starting with narcissistic traits and base level ethics,a full of himself redneck. Though at his better times like a charming flirtateous old style Southern gentleman. He isn't consciously bad or aware how much he can be.Baez is a malignant narcissist-essentially it's a vindictive chaotic type of psychopath.Such can get impaired in their functioning by extreme delusions and aspirations for personal granduer. As far as Baez goes ethics to him are the constraints that shackle others and he is free from.Putting up with and playing up to Casey to be come famous or infamous for so long would have to be his toughest job.Dealing with a fickle psychopathic narcissist like Casey would even tax him, scrambling his brain and make commit extra mistakes While smarter, he is too similar to Casey to be able to impart any leadership. Simms is even more outright scary psychopath than Casey, but a brilliant opportunist. She is the viper queen of snakes in suits- look at the soul mate she found for herself , a ruthless serial killer of at least 10.
    It would be fascinating to know how they cope with each other and the degrees of payback they may do to one another once the trial is over as they are bound to have injured each others massive touchy egos along the way.

    Untill George got more honest, the last time he was on the stand, I too thought if through some technicality Casey got released to her parents, that would be a sentence in itself. Parents deserved it for perjury and Casey for murder as they would be constantly at one anothers throats. Plus it's since come out it looks like Casey was planning to knock of these parents. Untill I saw this trial, I had no idea how low USA lawyers could sink, as well as it being permissable in a court to behave in that way. Just to win a case.

    I am lookingforward to some degree of sanctions for Baez at the trials end.

  13. Anonymous9:23 PM

    do you know that the man in white have power over the man in black so what ever happen to casy anthony the man in white will be watching over

  14. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Anonymous said..
    I watched the closings arguments and rebuttal but did not watch the day to day trial coverage. However, in my opinion it should be obvious to anyone that Casey committed this heinous crime. However, the circumstances surrounding this murder are in question, particularly with regard to motive. If I were a juror I would be focusing on whether it was felony murder or the other alleged counts. I don't think one can make a definitive argument that it was premeditated murder because there is no way to get into the pathology of Caylee and her family. At last, Casey is guilty of something and surely the jury will find the right decision to hang it's hat on.

  15. Anonymous10:24 PM

    My prays were answered…and God agreed with me. Casey is NOT GUILTY.
    I will guess that George found that Caylee had drowned and he and Casey
    bagged her up, like the pets, and disposed of her. Casey got the shovel, George got the machete and off they went to bury her. Neither squealed on the other. Verdict: Not Guilty. The while family is mentally ill. I will keep praying for Casaey to find a new, normal life and live with God.

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I suppose Dorothy Clay Sims will only be remembered for doing the "Chicken Dance" at the party the defense team held after the trial...Pathetic!

    Oh, and I almost forget she and Casey are now BFF's - lucky her, huh?

  17. Anonymous10:43 PM

    casey and dorothy clay sims should live together, they are both psy-o bitches!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I saw her jumping up and down in that restaurant after the verdict. It was a revolting display. Sims is too old and too ugly to behave that way. it will be wonderful to never have to see her ugly ass now that this trial is over.

  19. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Ms Sims was disgusting at the restaurant after the verdict. She must have thought she was a high school cheerleader, it was certainly not a very pretty picture of a professional person. I change the channel every time one of her commercials airs on TV. Can't stand to look at her anymore

  20. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I thought Sims looked like a dancing scarecrow. You dance like that when "nobody" won? Also, the high fives? Those types are the ones that give lawyers a bad name.How unprofessional. Just sick.

  21. Anonymous12:28 PM

    How about Dorothy Clay Sims taking out her camera & taking pictures of people outside the restaurant. Pathetic

  22. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I see I am not the only one that was sickened by Dorothy Sims during the trial. She could mot keep her hands off casey and those hand over the mouth whispers every day got so annoying. Why would anyone want her to speak on their team when she spoke she sounded ridiculous. After the verdict it was so sickening the way she mauled all over casey from hugs to rubbing her head, maybe that is where casey will go to live, it looked as though Ms. Sims was in love4 with her. Finally, the most ridiculous view of Ms. Sims was at the celebration party after the verdict, if I were her I would have been so embarrassed looking at the news media clips of myself jumping up and down like a kid at Disney World.....PATHETIC AND UNPROFESSIONAL....just as unprofessional as Mr.

  23. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Get over it you imbecilic twits. Win some, lose some, that's the American way of justice and a part of the democratic society we live in.

  24. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Dorthy Clay Sims has had a makeover and is making the rounds on Fox and HLN. Ain't she purty! NOT
    She's still ugly as every and dumb as a rock. She's appearing on Joy Behar tonight and talking about the grief expert, "Take a blanket and and umbrella and sit over a grave" Now the defense was toasting the Constitution not celebrating their victory ,when she was doing her kooky dance. Joy Behar asked her if she would let Casey babysit her children and she avoided the question by saying her children were grown. When Ms. Behar pressed her by asking if she would let Casey babysit her grandchildren she was still evasive. She was on a public relations tour before Casey's release to prepare us for the "Princess".

  25. Anonymous5:55 PM

    "Get over it you imbecilic twits. Win some, lose some, that's the American way of justice and a part of the democratic society we live in."

    What does this statement have to do with Clay Sims' behavior ? Nothing! I can live with the "American way of justice". However, these comments towrds Clay Sims are absolutely warranted. The lack of professionalism is a stain on her career that just may stick. We live in a society where perception is reality, and you are judged by your actions.

  26. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Is it really true Dorothy Clay Sims marry a serial killer who is in death row?

  27. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I think Baez and the Anthony family made up a coo to throw the family under the bus to confuse the jurors and throw themm off balance to get Caylee off and it worked

  28. Anonymous10:05 PM

    you idiot do you really beleived George will bag up his grand-daughter and threw her out like garbage? George was an ex-cop and knew there there is no punishment for accidental drowining.I think you are probably in love with Casey,birds of feather flock together

  29. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I think for the most part the comments are sour grapes from marginally intelligent people. It's time to get a grip and have respect for the rules and regulations in this country otherwise go back to Mexico. There was no evidence just innuendo's and lies or gossip. It's amazing how the talking heads could rise up the sub-intelligent people the same as Hitler was able to get a populace to comit genocide and we wonder how that was possible....just take a look. No one knows Casey Anthony you only have a snap shot the news media has spoon fed....sure it is tragic the baby died but Murder its a stretch.....I doubt it my decision as an educated individual would have been Not guilty...time to move on to the little Australia girl who's step mom did murder her and did admit it. The one who had a prosthetic leg and had hearing loss from Chemotherapy......