Friday, June 03, 2011

CSI Evidence Introduced At Casey Anthony Trial

Can Of Decomposed Human Odor Part Of Evidence

Crime scene evidence was introduced for the first time Friday afternoon in the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando, Florida.

Lead Crime Scene Investigator Gerardo Bloise, for the Orange County Sheriff's Office, identified sealed packages and boxes for the prosecutor. Among the boxes, one large box was opened containing a spare tire cover from Casey Anthony's car.

(Photo: Gerardo Bloise holding spare tire cover from Anthony car)

The state intends to use the contents of a hermetically sealed metal can, containing remnants of the spare tire cover to prove there was decomposing human remains in Casey Anthony's white 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.

How, and if the odor contained in the metal can will be shown, or smelled by the jury is still in question, as well as how it will be proved to be the smell of human decompostion.

CSI Investigator Bloise told the jury when he first opened the door of the Pontiac at the CSI crime lab facility, he smelled something decomposing, although on questioning by defense attorney Jose Baez, said the smell he encountered on opening the car could be from an animal as well as from a human.

Other samples collected by the CSI department included twelve hair samples, Caylee Anthony toys, and air freshener sheets placed in the car by the Anthonys after the car was retrieved from Johnson's Towing lot.

The evidence was collected by the investigators in July 2008 shortly after the Orange County Sheriff's department was notified of a missing child.


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  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I agree. I think it's great Don, that you are involving yourself in local Journalism and utilizing your writing, research, etc. skills so well. And the FLIP cam must come in handy!

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  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    PS: Regarding the paragraph about how the 'contents of the can' will be smelled by the Jury..

    The contents of the can would be carefully analyzed and examined by Forensics/Crime Lab first, and the results presented as lab data most likely. They wouldn't actually open the physical can in court, I wouldn't think as they wouldn't risk losing evidence for the Crime Lab. They would probably present the Lab/Forensic results as information to the Court and Jury. The can would have already been opened, tested, smelled, processed, etc. by the Crime Lab/Forensics and they wouldn't simply rely on members of a Jury to 'smell' the can. Likely all the data would be presented informationally to the Court/Jury.

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