Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Baez Gets Grandmother To Lie?

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Shocking Testimony From Cindy Anthony

At the murder trial of Casey Anthony, testimony was delivered by her mother Cindy, that just may save her daughter from a death sentence if the jury believes what she told them this afternoon.

Casey Anthony's mother surprised everyone when she told the jury that is was she who looked up "chloroform" on the family's desktop computer in March, 2008. She also said she looked up "alcohol" and "chlorophyll." She did strangely deny looking up "how to make chloroform" or "neck breaking," all of which appeared on a forensic search of the computer at the same time.

Prosecutors have been saying all along daughter Casey did the searches and are relying on that to get a 1st degree murder conviction. The State contends Casey looked up the term months before daughter Caylee was killed, showing this was a premeditated murder.

The prosecution relied on work time cards of former nurse Cindy Anthony showing she was at work during the time the home computer was being used. Cindy explained away that, saying she often just made up time cards that were not accurate, or the time cards were mistaken, showing she was at work when she may not have been.

She also claimed she was told by her employer to make false time cards, to only show 40 hours a week working when she really worked more.

Also, dropping another bombshell, she told the jury the oft mentioned "stain" in the Casey Anthony car trunk, was there when they first purchased the car in 2000. Prosecutors are saying the stain was from a decaying Caylee Anthony, placed in the trunk by Casey. 


Some observers are speculating Cindy is lying in order to save her daughter from the death sentence, or has made a deal to lie for her daughter in order to not have her husband's alleged lover brought in to testify. The defense has claimed that the "lover" believes George Anthony covered up a drowning of the child.

(Video: Jose Baez gets shocking answers from Cindy Anthony about computer searches)


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    If Baez said Casey was raised to "lie" then why would the jury believe anything her parents said, I would NOT if I were on the jury.

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    She was clearly lying. She had way too many details (just like Casey) about sea weed and what a youtube video was titled but she couldn't remember if she took a few days off in March?? She is trying to save her daughter and doing what it appears she has always done... Enable Casey to live a complete lie. Saying mom will make it okay, even if it's murder. It's her role in the family. Yuck

  3. This woman is more interested in saving herself from being labeled the mother of a convicted murderer. She does not and has not ever cared about Casey.

  4. Anonymous12:52 AM

    chlorophyll - chlorine - chloroform - pool algae . the 3mins spent on chloroform indicates not helpful to user. 3 x 60 seconds. how much can u gather? another thing is I don't thinking casey will get death sentence because she doesn't fit into a hardcore premeditative criminal. A Mother's love should be the focus now alongside lack of evidence to say Casey did kill her daughter.

  5. Anonymous8:20 AM

    the anthony family motto. nothing says i love you more than lying for you.

  6. Anonymous10:17 AM

    As much of a scuzz as I believe Baez to be, I don't think Cindy's stepping up (and lying) for her daughter was his idea.

    I think Cindy and George, after fully digesting the fact that their daughter actually killed their granddaughter, came up with this to prevent Casey from getting the death penalty.

    I also believe the State is now investigating Cindy for perjury.

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Here's why I think Cindy is lying: She put her finger up to her eye each time she lied about chlorophorm. That was a nervous coverup habit. Her story about "recordkeeping" at her office was ridiculous. She probably had permission to come and go during her workday, but why run home to use her computer? Why wouldn't she look up "bamboo" or dog allergies...why go to an innocent compound like chlorophyll? Doesn't she think anyone will think it "ironic" that she was home the exact same days that these poisons were looked up? I'm hoping the jury is as astute as I am.

  8. Anonymous11:39 AM

    If a book deal or movie deal is in the works , we need to contact publisher or network to say we will boycot , so these so called scumbags do not profit from the death of this beautiful unfortunate 2 yr old.

  9. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Cindy cant possibly be lying. If you check her deposition you will find that Cindy testified or advised the prosecution some two years ago, that she was the one who did the search for chlorophyll and chloroform. Look it up yourself. Funy too that the prosecution only picked up on a few tantalizing searches, when you and I know that the search history is probably filled with odd search terms.

    For the Prosecution to faint surprise over the last few days of evidence, is totally fabricated and an act for the jury. There will be no attempt to say that Cindy perjured herself because she didn't.

    What has happened here is that the State has put together a theory, and tried to add circumstantial evidence along the way, wherever they think it fits, as support or to bolster the theory or their case. But they ignored the facts given in the deposition. The testimony of Cindy was not what they needed to help their theory.

    Just like the heart shape on the duct tape. The analyst thought she saw an outline. But it somehow disappeared?? I don't think so. The only heart sticker found at the recovery site was stuck to a piece of cardboard and found some 30 feet away from the body, and it did not match any of the heart shaped stickers at the home. And the rumor that there were sheets of stickers from the home at the site, were simply that, - rumors. There was none. Rember too that the recovery site is only a short distance away from an elementary school.

    Take for example the hair analysis. Did you notice that the prosecution showed lots of hair samples to show post-mortem banding. They even had posters. But even though they took pictures of the hair from the trunk of the car, they declined to show them to the court. The pictures of the one hair found in the trunk does not show a clear case of post-mortum banding at the hair root.

    Did you notice that the prosecution played the 911 call that finally lead up to the discovery of the body. But they declined to have Roy Kronk, the meter reader come forward and testify as to what actually transpired when he discovered the body.

    Funny that. Roy Kronk says in various statements that he either kicked the bag, or pocked the bag with his meter reading device, and a skull rolled out or fell out. But notice that the prosecution said that the skull was found sitting right side up with the jaw bone attached, and half burried in leaves.

    How can that be???? Very strange stuff, if the skull just fell out or rolled out.

  10. Anonymous10:00 AM

    "Cindy cant possibly be lying."

    That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read.

  11. Cindy had mentioned she'd looked up chlorophyll before, but when questioned by Prosecution she admitted she did not look up chloroform in 80+ searches that very day which included how-to-make-chloroform. I am new to this & have been reading transcripts etc and have no idea what the truth is in this case, but don't understand why a key element of Cindy Anthony's testimony is being ignored by the media..? She'd mentioned an initial search in her deposition, but not continuing search over 80 times. whassup with that?

  12. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The only question now seems to be death penalty or life in prison. The defense had one glaring obstacle in their case.....the fact that their client killed her daughter.

  13. Anonymous12:18 AM

    regardless if she lied or not, she should now be detained and on trial for the murder of her grand daughter. oh, and who let's a child be missing for a month before calling 911? the whole family is f***ed up and deserves to burn in hell for ruining that poor baby. RIP Caylee. you're safe now