Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Is The State's Casey Anthony Case Falling Apart?

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Computer Expert - Second By Second Computer Narrative Going Nowhere?

At the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando, Florida today, computer experts are testifying to the jury about alleged searches by someone on the Anthony computers.

(Video: Expert, John Bradley testifying about "chloroform" search - putting the jury to sleep?)

A Canadian forensics computer software vendor, John Bradley, this afternoon spent an inordinate amount of time narrating a second by second account of what was happening in March 2008 on an Anthony computer of what appears to be someone searching for the term "chloraform." 

The computer data recovered by the Orange County Sheriff's computer forensics department shows a google search on the misspelled term for chloroform, resulting in lines of recovered search results including Google search page references, Myspace entries, and ads inserted into the computer history as the searches were being made.

One of the problems associated with an extended trial, in this case expected to go on for two months, will be the amount of information any juror can remember, let alone comprehend.

Today's testimony seems to leave more to the imagination of more mystery, than lead jurors to a conclusion about the timeline of this crime. Not mentioned yet by prosecution is who they allege are making the computer searches, nor why all the second-by-second commentary of what the computer is doing is necessary today.

For the first time in the trial, defense attorney Jose Baez is strikingly silent, making no objects or comments while the computer data search testimony is taking place before the 12-member jury. Perhaps, Baez realizing the prosecution is putting the jury "to sleep" with the pretty much unintelligible computer testimony, is laughing silently at the prosecution today,


  1. If a mother puts her child in the trunk of her vehicle in the hot summer and the child dies, that is pre mediated murder, because even an idiot would know that the vehicle will build up enough heat to suffocate the child!

    How hard can it be to convict Casey Anthony of murder One?

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Oh thank god. For a minute I thought this was going to be something intelligent. As you have said, there will be an insane amount of information thrown at jurors over the duration of this trial.

    The fact that the prosecution's witness spent this amount of time on these searches is going to burn them into the jury's minds. If they can get the jury to continue to believe she indeed searched these items, it's game over for the defense.

    And I highly doubt any Juror on the panel was "getting put to sleep." This was a tragic case that deserves justice and I am sure every member of the jury is aware of that. Not to mention the entire case is fascinating stuff.

  3. Anonymous10:56 PM


    I believe the prevailing theory is that Casey Chloroformed her daughter, so she could leave her at home unattended while she went out partying or socializing.

    My impression it was an accidental death, although still criminal. Casey then lied repeatedly to try to cover it up. The fact that she was Googling 'safe levels of Chloroform' would leave one to suspect she didn't intend to kill her child, but did and then tried to hide it for over a month, followed by habitual lies.

    Either way, it sounds like the child most likely died tragically within her own home, not in a car trunk. Casey should be responsible for negligent homicide at the very least, premedidated homicide at the worst if it was intentional. There are probably other charges such as child endangerment, using a deadly substance on a human being, etc.

    I'm not sure how it works there in Florida, but here in CA I believe the Death Penalty is usually appropriate when an additional felony is committed during the act of homicide. I'm not sure if that applies to the Casey Anthony case, but I don't know the law in Florida. With all the various charges being leveled against Casey, I would imagine there very well could be other felony charges in addition to the original death.