Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Announces Nexus7/NexusQ

Spectacular Events At Google I/O 2012 Introduce New $199 Tablet And More

LABELLE, FL. -- Google announced today in San Francisco at the 2012 Google I/O event for Android developers it's new products including the $199 Google tablet called the Nexus 7 and a streaming device for the home, the Nexus Q selling at $299.

The new 7 inch tablet, designed to utilize Google 'Play' video, audio, and e-bool products works on wi-fi, and also can be used as a controller for the Nexus Q, a 25-watt amplifier internet device shaped like a small globe to stream video and audio by wi-fi to speakers and video monitors in the home. Friends with the new Google tablet device can share their video and music over the system seamlessly, making music and video sharing a "social" event, says Google.

Google introduced it's $1,500 wearable computer "Glass" through a spectacular live streaming Google Hangout On Air showing skydivers bailing out of a blimp above the Moscone Convention Center, wearing the computer eye glass device, filming the live video, landing on the roof.

The "Glass" device was handed off to stunt bicyclists who then delivered it to a rappeller team who then descended down the side of the convention center handing off to a bicyclist who sped through the convention center to deliver it to the presenter on stage.

The $1,500 "wearable computer" is being made available only to the developers at the convention, for delivery at the beginning of 2013.

The attendees at the convention were given free Android phones, the new Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q device.

The entire even is being broadcast live from June 27-30. Click on the video above to see the live events, parties and concerts.

(Above: Google I/O 2012 live events as new announcements and events take place in San Francisco. Click 'Google I/O' in upper right of video screen to see the live events as they happen in San Francisco)

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