Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mortgage Funding Help For Homeowners

Behind On Mortgage? Unemployed? Here's Help
LABELLE, FL. -- The federal government has allocated funding to help pay the mortgages of qualified homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own. The Florida Hardest Hit (HHF) program aims to assist qualified Florida homeowners by providing mortgage assistance for up to 12 months (capped at $24,000), or until the homeowner finds adequate employment to resume paying the mortgage (whichever comes first) with up to $18,000 available to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage prior to payments being made. 

Additionally, for a homeowner who is recovering from unemployment/underemployment, up to $25,000 is available as a one-time payment to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage.

HHF assistance is paid directly to the loan servicer/lender for those homeowners deemed eligible to participate in the program. 

Okeechobee Non-Profit Housing Inc. is an approved agency and helps residents in the Lake Okeechobee region including Hendry county.

To find out if you qualify for assistance, please visit the HHF official website at to review eligibility criteria and to apply. Please use Referral Code 85087 when completing your application to ensure you are assigned to Okeechobee Non Profit Housing, Inc. After reviewing HHF program benefits/guidelines and eligibility criteria on the official HHF website, you may contact us for a pre-screening at (863) 467-5525 or by fax at (863) 467-5513 or send an email to

For further questions, contact the Hardest-Hit Toll-Free Information line at 1-(877) 863-5244, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or you may call our office. The HHF Program is scheduled to run for the next four years. ONPHI is approved to assist families in Okeechobee, Highlands, Hendry, Martin, Port St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties.


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    This is another scam to get the banks stolen money. The banks played with the mortgages in a massive ponzi scheme and now do not own your note. They have been falsifying assignments of mortgages and the gov. is helping them get away with it....go ahead ask your "lender" to send you all the proof that they actually aquired your mortgage then VERIFY.

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    ah but what if you can actually find the bank that holds the paper? would this then be a worth while goal?

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    The paper (the notes) are said to have been destroyed during the bailout to avoid the banks from collecting a debt twice.