Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Vote By Mail For Hendry Citizens

How To Sign Up To Vote By Mail
LABELLE, FL. -- With Hendry County consolidating its twenty-three precincts into ten for coming elections this year, there is even more reason for Hendry County voters to sign up for Vote By Mail. 

Precinct 1 in Clewiston already has over 3,000 registered voters, and LaBelle’s Precincts 2 and 3 are fast approaching that number. The wait in line to vote will become longer and longer depending on the number of candidates and issues on the ballot, particularly in hotly contested elections.

The advantages of signing up to Vote By Mail already include saving gas with no driving to a polling place that could be miles out of the way and not having to hunt for a parking spot once there. Voting at home means the voter can leisurely sit at the kitchen table and go over the ballot without feeling rushed or use a computer to research issues and candidates with the ballot in hand if there are unanswered questions. The voter does not have to rush to the polls after a long day at work to make certain he is in line by the time the polls close.

Vote By Mail means never having to miss an election, the voter will get a ballot weeks before Election Day. If the voter decides to actually go to Early Voting or to vote on Election Day, all that needs to be done is take the mail ballot to the polls and surrender it with no questions asked.

Vote By Mail means no questions asked about your name, address, or having the proper photo ID. However, if handwriting has changed for any reason it is always a good idea to re-register to have a current signature on file since signatures are checked. Those annoying political campaign phone calls will stop within a day or two of the Vote By Mail ballot being received at the Elections Office.

There is no better way to make certain your vote is counted than Vote By Mail. All Hendry County voters need to do is call the Elections Office 863-675- 5230 in LaBelle or 863-983-1592 from Clewiston, tell whoever answers they want to sign up for Vote By Mail, and answer a few simple questions.

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