Monday, June 04, 2012

Zimmerman's Credibility At Risk-Did He Lie To Court?

Judge Not Happy To Discover Large PayPal Donations

Sanford, Florida shooting suspect George Zimmerman is back in the Seminole County jail after his $150,000 bond was revoked by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester last Friday. Zimmerman was ordered to report to jail within 48 hours.

Zimmerman, 28 had been released from the central Florida jail on bond about six weeks ago. He reported to jail Sunday afternoon, about 45 minutes before the 48-hour time limit would expire. He is reportedly in a single jail cell and is "quiet and cooperative" according to jail personnel.

At a hearing Friday, the court was told an online website had collected about $135,000 in donations via PayPal towards Zimmerman's legal expenses.

(photo: George Zimmerman - Seminole County Jail)

Zimmerman and his wife had indicated in an earlier bond hearing on April 20th that they had no substantial funds, while his parent's told the court they would be mortgaging their home to help with their son's legal expenses.

Jail phone conversations between Zimmerman and his parents, presented to the Court Friday, indicated a "code" may have been used to discuss how much money is left in the account from the proceeds of the PayPal donations and what to do with it. All jail phone calls are recorded.

Accused of the 2nd degree shooting murder of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman's credibility may be at issue in the upcoming trial. Because Zimmerman's statements of self-defense are his primary way to acquittal, any doubts about his truthfulness may be a deciding factor in his ultimate guilt or innocence as judged by a jury.

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara has filed for a hearing to reset a bond to release Zimmerman. Judge Lester is out of town until Thursday, so any hearing would most likely be next week or later. O'Mara said at the time of the first hearing he didn't have knowledge of the money collected for Zimmerman.

Zimmerman may explain at the next hearing that he didn't believe the money collected was his or under his control. If the Judge buys that explanation, Zimmerman may be getting out on bond at a later date.

A trial is expected to take place about a year from now.

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