Friday, July 06, 2012

Drummond For Hendry Elections Supervisor

“Hard worker”, “dedicated”, and “caring of his community” are some of the statements you can hear about Kevin Drummond around Hendry County.

Kevin is currently a candidate for Supervisor of Elections. The Hendry County native cares about the opinions of the county’s residents and wants to hear what you have to say.

Kevin states, “In Hendry County, there are approximately 40,000 residents. Not even half of these residents are registered to vote. I feel that this is unacceptable, and I encourage all residents to become active voting citizens.

I promise to work with our community encouraging all residents to register and cast their votes when the polls begin”. As he makes his way through the area, please feel free to stop and talk to him expressing any possible concerns about voter participation in Hendry County.

Kevin took the initiative to create a new Third Party Organization Campaign entitled “Get Out and Vote”. The movement is a non-partisan organization intended to promot residents to register, cast ballots, and become contributors to the election process.

The “Get Out and Vote” Campaign will be conducted throughout the county at various locations working with local businesses to register residents. Kevin invites Hendry County residents to contact him by phone or email at anytime. He can be reached by phone at: 863-234-3480 and by email at:

He also encourages the public to view his website for updates and information as the election approaches. Kevin reminds us, “Together we can grow. God Bless”.

Paid and approved by Kevin Drummond, Republican Candidate for Supervisor of Elections.

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