Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kristina Kulpa - Near Millionaire Appraiser Candidate

Lots Of Cash And Assets - From Nothing To Near Millionaire In 20 Years

LABELLE, FL. -- Candidate for Hendry County Property Appraiser Kristina Kulpa has done well in the last twenty years, reaching near millionaire status.

From a 1991 income of $8,000 and net worth of $154,000, her real estate and cash assets have skyrocketed to a net worth of $980,500 today, most of the net assets being $729,705 in cash and retirement accounts.
After being elected to office as Hendry county property appraiser in 1992, her income jumped to $56,010 and her assets nearly doubled to $238,580 when she filed financial disclosure forms with the election office in 1995, her assets at the time comprising mainly her 14 acres and home in south Hendry county.

According to documents filed with the Hendry Elections office beginning in 1991, Kulpa had a net worth of $154,000 in 1991 as she ran for county property appraiser for the first time. Her income in 1991 was $8,000 as a real estate property appraiser. (Net worth is total assets; home, property, cash, etc. less liabilities like bank loans.)

In 1999 her reported net worth nearly doubled again to $414,819 and her county property appraiser salary went to $69,540. (Elected officials' salaries are state mandated and scaled by county population.)

By 2003, Kulpa reported net assets of $592,000 and an income of $74,483. She had rental income of $6,450.

In 2007, net assets skyrocketed to $971,500 with an income of $96,351. Rental income was $24,000.

Last year, Kulpa reported net assets of $985,500. Included in assets were a Lee county lot valued at $85,000, a Lee county house at $227,500, her home on G Road at $162,000, a property at 700 Collier Blvd in Collier county at $166,500, 25% interest in a Seminole county store at $175,000, 25% interest in an Orange county house at $225,000, and a 25% interest in two Volusia county lots at $10,400.

Kulpa's current income is $17,353 from the Florida Retirement System and $30,000 in rental income. She reported $729,705 in joint bank accounts (with husband Steve Fletcher), and $234,500 in retirement accounts.

Kulpa is running against incumbent property appraiser Phillip Pelletier.

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  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Kris and Steve are HARDWORKING and great business people.

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Also her dad passed away and was a businessman. I'm sure she inherited a lot.