Thursday, July 19, 2012

Insolvent To Multi-Millionaires - Hendry Candidates

Net Worth And Incomes Of Candidates Show Many Surprises

LABELLE, FL. -- Financial forms filed by Hendry political candidates show more surprises. Candidates' financials show net worth ranging from insolvent, in debt for more than they earn, to virtually penniless, to three multi-millionaires.

Cynthia Potter appears to have no assets whatsoever, Pamela Jackson owes more than she owns, and two unopposed candidates, School Board member Dwayne Brown reports a negative net worth while Commissioner Karson Turner's negative net worth is more than two and a half times what he earns.

One wonders how a candidate can rule on multi-million dollar county and school budgets when they've allegedly failed to mind their own finances well. At the other end of the scale are the multi-millionaires, Don Davis, John Perry, and Tristan Chapman where one can speculate on how they may influenced by employer interests as well as their own personal agendas.

Listed are net worth and income for candidates for Hendry County Commission, School Board and County Judge.

Running for county commission District 1 is incumbent Janet B. Taylor who has an income of $33,505. She reports a net worth of $62,316. Her assets include $75,000 in "personal property", $61,000 in real estate, and debts of a $74,000 loan.

Challenger Pamela B. Jackson indicates a negative net worth of -11,940. She has an income of $19,200 from a Belle Glade funeral home.

In Commission District 3, Incumbent Tristan G. Chapman is worth $3,033,200. Included in his assets are $917,00 in retirement accounts. He also owns numerous real estate properties. His income from Southern Gardens. a citrus company, is $442,830. $31,622 more comes from the county, and $26,490 from a pension.

Opponent Don Davis is worth $1,405,000. He values Don's Restaurant at $750,000, The Big V at $900,000 and the Long Branch bar at $500,000. His income is $35,000 from Don's, $12,000 from Big V, $5,352 from Florida State Retirement System, and $16,848 from social security.

Incumbent Karson C. Turner is unopposed for the District 5 Commission Seat and has a negative worth of -$69,969. He owns a Boyton Beach house valued at $95,000 and has loans at First Bank for $195,784 and at Fifth Third Bank for $42,785. He earns $27,040 at his father's Quality Electric and $33,993 as commissioner.

Unopposed for School Board District 1 is incumbent Rev. Dwayne E. Brown, who reports a negative worth of -$127,000. He has a mortgage of $127,000, a Visa account of $6,000 and a $20,000 school loan. For whatever reason Brown failed to show one of the largest homes in Harlem, his 3084 square foot home built in 1995, as an asset on his financial report.

Brown earns $24,00 as a school board member and $52,000 from Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. 

Candidate for School Board District 2 is Eva Sally Berg with a net worth of $409,000. She has an income of $122,088 as reported on her income tax form.

Candidate for School Board District 4 Stephanie Busin has a worth of $15,000, all it being a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. She has no income.

John Perry also running for school board has a net worth of $2,786,046 primarily from real estate investments and IRA accounts. He shows and income of $139,194 from his insurance agency, $15,748 from rental income, $1,029 from interest, and $5,214 from dividends.

The third candidate, Cynthia Leuvano Potter reports zero assets, and zero liabilities for a net worth of $0. She works for the Palm Beach Schools earning $21,700.

Unopposed County Judge James D. Sloan has a worth of $541,400 from his home and personal property, IRA and retirement account, and income of $134,280 and $6,700 from the Sloan Family Partnership in Ocala.

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