Monday, July 09, 2012

What's A Hendry Sheriff Candidate Worth?

Six Sheriff Candidates Report Assets And Income - Wildly Varied

LABELLE, FL. -- According to documents filed with the Hendry Elections Office, the six candidates running for the office of Hendry County Sheriff have net assets ranging wildly from as low as -$64,051 to $235,009. Yearly incomes also vary greatly, as low as $2,800 and as high as $187,735 among the six men vying for the office of Hendry Sheriff.

Eliberto Carmona, 59 indicates his net worth is $92,870 with an income of $2,800 from the Florida Retirement System.

Mark R. Chamberlain, 47 has a net worth of $26,454 and a reported income of $187,735 from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office where he has worked since 1985.

Raymond A. Van Houten, 50 has a net worth of $1,601 and an income of $64,656 from the Lee County Sheriff's Office and Edison State College. He's worked in Lee County since 2005.

Matthew A. Beatty, 46 has a reported net worth of $96,000 and and income of $51,534 from the City of Clewiston and $20,416 from the Hendry School Board. He's worked at the Clewiston Police Department since 2010. Beatty will have to resign from the school board if he wins the election.

Steven Maldonado, 48 has a reported net worth of $235,009 including $100,000 attributed to the worth of his company Criminal Justice Protections, Inc. His income is reported as $40,000.

Steve Whidden, 40 has a reported negative net worth of -$64,051 and an income of $110,158 as Hendry Sheriff.

Detailed financial records for all candidates can be viewed at the Hendry Elections Office.

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Not sure but insolvency and a negative networth makes a job applicant ineligible for hire at a bank, or most hi risk jobs, so why is he sheriff?

    doesnt this raise a redflag?