Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hendry Candidates' Financial Reports

Incomes And Net Worth Vary Wildly For Hendry Candidates

LABELLE, FL. -- Every political candidate is required to file a financial report with the Supervisor of Elections showing their assets and debts so that voters can have a view of any possible conflicts of interests as well as a snapshot of the net worth of each hopeful officer holder.

This is a compilation of the income and net worth (assets minus debts) of the candidates for Clerk of the Circuit Court, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Superintendent of Schools, and Supervisor of Elections for Hendry county, Florida.

Barbara Cox Butler, incumbent Clerk of Court reports an income of $101,597 and a net worth of $139,685 which includes $106,963 held in bank accounts and the balance of her net assets in real estate.

Butler's opponent for Clerk, Larry Wilcoxson, shows assets of $15,400 including a $6,400 Rolex and two Cadillac vehicles worth $8,500. Liabilities are listed as $58,000 and $17,000 in student loans. He lists his net worth as "0" but his math skills may be lacking as his net worth is actually negative after subtracting $75,000 in loans from his reported $15,400 in assets. His net worth is actually -$59,600. Wilcoxson is unemployed.

Incumbent Property Appraiser Phillip L. Pelletier has an income of $99,597 and a net worth of $123,413. Kristina A. Kupa has net assets of $980,500 and a retirement income of $17,353 and $30,600 from real estate rental property income for a total of $47,953. As previously reported in a prior story, she has $729,705 in joint bank accounts plus $234,500 in retirement accounts.

Tax Collector Peggy S. Hampton has an income of $101,597 with a net worth of $301,477 which includes $153,837 in the Florida Retirement System. Opponent Tom Corbitt has a retirement income of $94,902 from the Department of Defense, Social Security income of $20,470 and rental property income of $13,000 for a total yearly income of $128,372. His net worth is $79,243

Incumbent School Superintendent Richard A. Rick Murphy has an income of $112,797 and a net worth of $47,374. Paul Puletti reports a net worth of $521,000, but that includes $445,000 in retirement accounts. His income is $55,775 from the Hendry Schools and $14,790 from the City of LaBelle for a total of $70,565.

Joel Williamson has a negative net worth of -$38,413 and and reports on his joint 1040 income tax form an income of $93,511 from teaching and wife's income as technician trainee.

In the race for Supervisor of Elections Kevin Drummond has an income from the Florida Highway Patrol of $55,387 and $11,687 from construction companies. He reports a net worth of $14,500 with no debts.

Kim Harris-White has a net worth of $3,034.  Brenda Hoots has a net worth of $99,000 and an income of $43,434. She has worked at the Supervisor of Elections office for 21 years. Rose Raulerson-Mason has a negative net worth of -$2,300 with small loans outstanding. She reports income coming from "commissions" at Maple Corner Mobile Home Park in Glades County.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    We need a person in charge of county funds that is currently unemployed but has a $6,400 Rolex and two Cadillac's Oh yeah he has trouble adding and subtracting.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    If the editor said whatever bout you does that make him correct or can he be wrong.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    looks like they need to clean house and start over with a clean slate. way too much money for them back stabbers.somebody not doing their job.how can you be a part of the court system and have criminals in your family?

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    This so-called newsworthy story needs to be placed next to the national Enquirer and other such low life rags. And if you disagree, then lets go through all the bank accounts, credit reports & debts of all your 'news staff.' This is not news. This is a purposeful attempt to publicly shame and humiliate. Shame on you