Sunday, March 17, 2013

Democrats Meet - Schedule Retreat In Tampa

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County Democratic Executive Committee will hold its March meeting in LaBelle this coming Thursday, March 21, at Don's Steak House, 93 South Hall St., with the meeting set to begin a 6:30 p.m. 

This meeting is open to all, and Democrats registered to vote in Hendry County may participate in discussion but cannot vote on motions placed before the Hendry County DEC.

Democratic County Chairman Joe Thomas said the major items to be considered will be the Florida Democratic Party, Democratic County Chairs Association, and Small County Coalition's annual "Training the Florida Team" Retreat to be held in Tampa the weekend of April 12. The Retreat is open to county DEC Members, The Florida Democratic Party Executive and Central Committee members, Democratic Club and Caucus leadership, and Democratic National Committee members.

Local Democrats will discuss voter registration drives in all precincts and communities in Hendry County throughout this year and up until the registration books close prior to the 2014 elections when Florida elects its governor and Hendry County elects County Commissioners and School Board members. 

Hendry County Democrats urge that every eligible citizen register to vote and also to request Vote By Mail ballots for every election possible.

Chairman Thomas added there are Democratic Committee positions open in all 10 of Hendry County's precincts with being a registered Democrat in that precinct being the primary qualification to become a precinct committee member. 

Thomas also said, "of course, attending regular meetings -- at least one every other month -- or getting a proxy to represent your precinct when you cannot attend a meeting is an unspoken requirement for any good Democrat serving on the committee."

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